There might be instances when you are not able to access Linksys router default login page using web address Myrouter.local , before proceeding with any troubleshooting step its recommended to power cycle the router first,unplug the power adapter for your Linksys smart wifi router for 10 seconds ,then replugit,this may resolve the concern otherwise try following troubleshooting steps :

  • 1. The ethernet Or wifi adapters of your computer must be enabled in order to connect to any network.To do this open devmgmt.msc>> right click on your network adapter >> click enable.
  • 2. Make sure your computer is connected properly with RJ-45 ethernetcable ,ensure that corresponding led light on router is lit solid green or white.
  • 3. Local area connection icon on your computer?s task bar indicates the connection status.
  • 4. For wireless connections , make sure that your computer is connected wirelessly with either (2.4ghz or 5Ghz.) main network name of your linksys smart wifi router.
  • 5. After checking all the connections , check the ip address of your router using ipconfig command >>command prompt >>cmd ,you can also access router default configuration page using default ip address instead of entering myrouter.local in address bar of the browser.
  • 6. Make sure all the java scripts are activated and are up and running to access myrouter,local default login page , sometimes due to script issues you might get an java or script not responsive error , in susch cases try reseting your browser , try to update java settings

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Wireless password is important to secure your router from unauthorized access as well as to prevent other users to connect to your wifi network, if you have linksys smart wifi router (ea 9200,ea6500,ea 6400, try myrouter.local to access linksys router default login page or alternatively you can try .

  • Step 1: Launch a web browser and type myrouter.local or or in address bar of your browser , a login screen will appear , click on local access option and use password as admin
  • Step 2 : Under security settings tab , you can update yur router password easily , if there is no security on router ,it means that your network is unsecured and vulnerable to other wireless clients , you can select wpa2/personal as security type , and password or network security key should contain atleast 8 characters .in case of older operating systems like windows vista or windows xp you can use wep as security type.


  • Upgrading linksys router firmware using classic web address myrouter,local or is very simple and is necessary in order to improve performance of your router , in order to fix bugs isf any in existing router firmware.UPGRADING LINKSYS ROUTER FIRMWARE AND BAD GATEWAY ERROR OR ERROR 502 FIX :Bad gateway error occurs normally in case of ea series linksys routers & the main reason is that your router firmware is not updated to the latestFIX :Download the latest firmware file from linksys website or from linksys download centre , if internet is not working directly from linksys router ,bypass your linksys router make direct connection from modem to your computer
  • Step 2 : do a reset on router using paper clip for 10 seconds Step 3: bypass linksyssmart wifi set up & initial set up screen , you can easily login to your linksys login page using classic eb address myrouter.local or or you can use ip address to login to your linksys router configuration page


Linksys routers aim at providing seamless wireless connectivity to your home or office network , however due to obstructions or due to interference issues , wireless connectivity and performance might be affected , comman factors that affect wireless connectivity and network performance are as follow :

  • Distance between router and client device ( myrouter.local )
  • Incorrect network security key or passphrase (myrouter.local )
  • Outdated router firmware ( myrouter.local or )
  • Outdated adapter drivers (in case of atheros update your drivers or try reinstalling them )
  • Wireless mac filter might be activated on client device ( use myrouter.local to remove mac filtering if any )
  • Outdated router firmware (update router firmware using myrouter.local address or in case of linksys smart routers try

Parental control set up on linksys routers ::

  • Parental control features allows you to restrict specific websites on particular devices/using linsys router you can block access to certain websites on 5 computers or any 5 client devices as well as you can block upto 8 websites using parental control feature.
  • You can activate parental control feature using linksys connect softwrae also , or by using classic web address myrouter.local in address bar of your browser Restricting internet access during certain times of day or certain hours using router web utility myrouter.local
  • Access router web utility using web addess myrouter.local or ip address >> under access controls you can update the targeted device and under schedule you can choose the default option either never, always or specific times,

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