JFC Meaning: What Does JFC Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does JFC mean? What is the definition of this internet acronym? Learn how and when to use this text abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

JFC Meaning

What Does JFC Mean?

The main meaning for ?JFC? is ?Jesus f***ing Christ ?. Or ?Jesus freaking Christ? if you prefer that. It?s often a response of surprise or frustration.

?JFC ? = ?J? (Jesus) + ?F? (f***ing) or (freaking) + ?C? (Christ)

Similar Internet Slang

?OMG ? = ?O? (Oh) + ?M? (my) + ?G? (God)

?OMFG ? = ?O? (Oh) + ?M? (my) + ?F? (f***ing or freaking) + ?G? (God)

?WTF ? = ?W? (What) + ?T? (the) + ?F? (f*** or freak)

?JFCA ? = ?J? (Jesus) + ?F? (f***ing or freaking) + ?C? (Christ) + ?A? (Almighty)

?JMFC ? = ?J? (Jesus) + ?M? (Mother) + ?F? (f***ing or freaking) + ?C? (Christ)

Other Meanings

?JFC? has multiple other meanings, some referring to sexual behavior and is explicit . Non-sexual other meanings include: ?just for clarification?; ?John f***ing Cena?; Jamaican fried chicken; and just f***ing chilling. Sexual meanings include: ?just f***ing cum?; ?just f***ing came?; and ?just f***ing cummed?.

?JFC? = ?J? (Just) + ?F? (For) + ?C? (Clarification)

?JFC? = ?J? (John + ?F? (f***ing) + ?C? (Cena)

?JFC? = ?J? (Jamaican) + ?f? (fried) + ?C? (chicken)

?JFC? = ?J? (just) + ?f? (f***ing) + ?C? (chilling)

?JFC? = ?J? (just) + ?f? (f***ing) + ?C? (cum)

?JFC? = ?J? (just) + ?f? (f***ing) + ?C? (came)

?JFC? = ?J? (just) + ?f? (f***ing) + ?C? (cummed)

Conversation Examples


Speaker 1 : You shoulda seen the size of that thing. It was huge.

Speaker 2 : You bsing

Speaker 1 : Look at this pic.

Speaker 2 : jfc you fr that sob is a beast.

Speaker 1 : ik

*?bsing ?= bullshitting

*?fr ? = ?f? (for) + ?r? (real)

*?sob ? = ?s? (son) + ?o? (of a) + ?b? (bitch)

*?ik ? = ?i? (I) + ?k? (know)

JFC Meaning Infographic

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