Instagram models in Dubai | Prostitution or smart business?

Instagram models in Dubai | Prostitution or smart business?

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Instagram models seem to run the world these days. Thousands of likes, millions of followers and global influence, how could you argue!

The Instagram models that get the most attention are the females for obvious reasons.

They live a flamboyant lifestyle traveling the world in luxury cars and jets, living on beaches, staying in the finest hotels and wearing the most expensive clothes. Their lives are more fitted to that of a billionaire.

So how do they afford it all?


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It?s pretty well know and documented that most of the models headed to Dubai are escorting.

For those of you who don?t know, Instagram models get offered thousands to meet, date or even sleep with rich men. Turns out a lot of these rich men are based in Dubai ? this is pretty well documented.

There?s cases of Arab Princes offering 200k Euro?s for the ?services? of some of these Instagram models. Model Alina Lozado Gonzalez got tricked into agreeing to sleep with a rich Arab man and his 13 year old Brother. Nearly every large following Instagram girl travels to Dubai at least 5 times per year.

It doesn?t take a rocket scientist to figure out what?s been going on. In fact this is nothing new.

Hollywood has been operating under the same rule-set since it was established. Beautiful women and rich men go hand-in-hand.

A rich and powerful man who?s a source for 1STMAN told us that nearly every guy he knows from Dubai or the UAE, travel to Belarus at least once per year to ?let off some steam?. For anyone who doesn?t know Belarus is like Vegas but ten times worse if you want it to be. Anything you want is possible with the right budget including women, drugs and guns.

The price is?wrong

We looked throughly through one Instagram models photos and tracked her movements for 3 months.

Over the period of 3 months she traveled to Dubai, LA, Marrakech, Dubai again, Bali and Amsterdam, whilst living in London.

We calculated with average flights and the price of the hotels that she stayed in, that she was spending 20,000 per month. This included travel costs, living costs, maintaining a London address and lifestyle. It also meant that she would have zero savings, so perhaps she?s earning more than what we expected each month.

Either she?s getting paid a bomb from brands, which is entirely possible with her roughly 500k following, or her 4 trips to Dubai this year have been extremely rewarding.

It?s strange that she?s traveled the world, yet visited nowhere more than once except Dubai. We?re not going to name-names in this article because we have no concrete evidence, but it?s hard to believe someone under 20 years old could spend 20,000 per month for a year straight from nothing but brand sponsors when Instagram marketing is dying fast.

Prostitution or smart business?

Lets say this women is escorting in Dubai, and is making 100k per visit, could you blame her?

Is it illegal? Yes. Should we encourage young women to use their beauty to make money? No. But if a young woman wants to use her ?gifts? while she can, just like a man uses alpha male traits to navigate life, why shouldn?t she?

What?s the alternative ? sit in an office 5 days per week earning just enough to get by, whilst getting hit on by every man in the office?

Perhaps a couple of nights per year with a wealthy paying customer is worth living for the rest of the year like a millionaire.

We?ve all been sat at work on a Wednesday and wished for the week to be over already. Maybe these women have too? Imagine being sat in an office on a rainy winters day, with your boss hiting on you, getting paid 20k per year to perform data entry, when a DM comes through offering to pay you 5 times your yearly salary in a week with flights and one of the world?s best hotels included in sunny Dubai. Would you be tempted? I know I would.

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Are male Instagram models doing the same?

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