I Walked Away From Him Now What: I Walked Away From Him Will He Come Back

I Walked Away From Him Now What: I Walked Away From Him Will He Come Back

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I walked away from him now what ? I walked away from him will he come back.

Learning how to get your ex boyfriend to come back can mean the chance of a happy future with the man you adore most in the world. When you?re first faced with the prospect of a life without him, chances are good that you let your emotions take control of the situation. That?s not a good move at all. If you do this you?re going to lose him for good. It?s that plain and simple. If you are serious about winning back his love, you need a serious approach to do it. There is one crucial step you need to take, starting today, to ensure you get him back and keep him.

Understanding how to get your ex boyfriend to come back means realizing that sometimes less is more. As women we?re naturally inclined to talk through problems and that means constant contact with our ex boyfriend. You?ve probably been guilty of calling him up, asking him to talk. If you have done this, it may have actually damaged your chances with him. Starting today you need to have a new outlook. You need to recognize that men see break ups differently than we do. They don?t want to talk over things and they don?t want to be confronted with an emotional woman. They expect this to happen, but it?s not what they want. If you stand any chance at all of a future with him, you?ve got to disappear for a few weeks. Make yourself scarce and cut off all contact with him.

It seems extreme. It is extreme, but it works. Men don?t fall back in love with their girlfriends if they hear from them constantly. If you barrage him with phone calls, text messages or emails, he?s in a defensive mode. He?s trying to defend the fact that he doesn?t want you anymore. If you take all that away and suddenly disappear into thin air, it will leave him confused and unsure. That?s what you want. He?ll feel that you?re just out of his reach and he?ll wonder why you?re not trying to get him back. Since men always want what they can?t have, you suddenly become very appealing again. If you can stay strong and avoid him for at least a few weeks, you?ll hear from him. His curiosity will get the best of him and he?ll want to know what?s going on with you. He?ll be more open and receptive than he?s been since the break up.

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It might seem like common sense that you will never be able to get him back if you can?t open up the lines of communication. Talking and building some sort of rapport might seem elementary but perhaps right about now you are having difficulty in getting the man that you love that has left you to even speak with you. Without some form of communication you?re pretty much dead in the water but all hope is not lost in your quest to get your man back.

Want to Get Him to Just Talk to You? ? There is no doubt that with the proper motivation you will be able to get your ex to talk to you again. You could try pinching him in which case he would say ?Ow! Why did you do that!? and you would be off to the races again! But at least you would be talking, right?

You could go about it the blunt way and confront him but just like a cornered animal, the chances of you actually opening up any sort of productive conversation will not be found. Your ex is probably on the defensive at the moment and if you have spent any amount of time trying to convince him to come back to you he will be looking for you to try to continue in this vein. As a result, he probably isn?t going to be listening to a word you say or if he does listen it is just going to fuel his anger, bitterness and animosity towards you.

The third way of trying to get him to talk with you again is more subtle and ingenious and it actually requires less effort. Less work and less effort often brings more powerful results if you haven?t done too much damage to the relationship up to this point. By simply trying to open the lines of communication naturally and without mention of your desire to get back together you will find it easier later on to actually talk about the breakup and lead your man to the conclusion that he would actually be happier back together with you.

If you have been pushing the issue and have sort of alienated your ex by trying to convince him to come back to you at every opportunity it might be a little more difficult to open the lines of communication. It is definitely not impossible but you might want to step things up a bit more and use a more emotionally powerful approach to prodding him and coaxing him into both communicating with you and ultimately figuring out for himself that he really does love you after all.

You see, that love really is still inside of him even if he isn?t showing it. Underneath all the animosity and behind that wall that he has built around his heart is the love that you crave and desire. It is your job to gently yet swiftly disassemble that wall and sweep away the leaves of malcontent that are keeping you from the happiness that the two of you deserve. In the long run he will thank you for it and you can say that you never gave up on him.

The time to act is now though. Before more damage is done to your already fragile relationship and before he turns to the emptiness of a rebound relationship you need to step forward with boldness and with this new found knowledge and do your best to get him back before he moves on forever. Each step towards opening the lines of communication will pay big dividends in the end and bring you one step closer to holding him in your loving arms once again.

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