I Gave a Guy Road Head

It was hot but I don?t think it is something I?ll do again

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This story starts when I was 18, living in boarding school. As you can imagine, constantly being under the eyes of teachers kind of limited the grand escapades you could do. But I didn?t mind too much, my parents were very strict so anything was better than staying with them!

Purity culture was a massive part of my childhood so I was going through a sexual awakening of sorts. It was like I just discovered chocolate and I needed as much as I could get at all times.

I was never one for commitment so I had multiple Tinder guys on the go ? I called them my roster. On the list was this guy called Callum*. He seemed nice enough. Though it wasn?t explicitly said, we both knew if anything did happen, it was to be a casual thing.

One day after school I was bored so messaged him to see if he wanted to drive over to the school and hang out and have some fun. Callum was a man in his 20s with a high enough sex drive so 30 minutes later he pulled up to my school gates in his Audi.

I didn?t plan to suck him off while he was driving but I made the joke when he asked what I meant by ?have some fun.? He laughed and implied that he didn?t expect me to be so brave. Now, I am probably one of the most impulsive people you?ll ever meet. I will also try anything once so I accepted the challenge. So less than 5 minutes into our meet up, I already had his dick in my mouth.

I hadn?t given many blowjobs at the time so I was a little nervous. To my surprise, he was already hard so I took the leap and started by slowly licking up and down the shaft of his dick. He reassured me with some gentle moans, so I knew then to speed up. Tongue swirling as I sucked, I played with his balls with my other hand.

I must have been doing something right because not too long after I could feel the car come to a slow stop ? we weren?t even two minutes in before he came in my mouth.

He apologised for finishing so soon but I didn?t mind too much. We continued our drive for a little while before he dropped me back off at school. Just in time for dinner.

There was something extremely hot about giving road head. It felt very naughty but I don?t think it?ll be something I?ll be revisiting anytime soon. I don?t really do blowjobs anymore anyway (that?s another story for another day) but older, I care a lot about road safety, not just my own but other passengers on the road. Also roads can get a little bumpy which can make it hard to do your job properly. But at least that?s one off the bucket list!

I never saw Callum ever again. He did try to pick up a conversation but as I said earlier, I was in no mood for anything committal. I just wanted some fun. And I could tell after making him come so quickly he wanted something more than I could give!

But at least we both share the happy memory!

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