I Dated a Guy With a Panty Fetish

I Dated a Guy With a Panty Fetish

?and I?m surprised it turned me on so much.

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It didn?t happen like it does in the movies.

I didn?t find out about my boyfriend?s panty fetish by walking into my bedroom and catching him standing in front of my mirror, examining his bulging package in my satin panties.

It actually happened in the sweetest, most natural way for a sexual encounter to go ? he politely asked for it.

?This is going to sound weird, but can I smell your panties??

I thought it was a little weird but didn?t say so, then considered the filthiness quotient of the panties I?d taken off before sex.

?Let me check them first,? I decided.

I rolled over in bed and scrounged around on the floor for my panties. The panties I had been wearing were plain, navy blue cotton bikini briefs ? nothing special or especially sexy.

Inside them, I felt a slick of wetness from our make out session earlier, and, still leaning over the bed where he couldn?t see, I brought them to my nose.

They smelled lightly of a sexed up vagina with the faintest hint of pee.

What the hell else are panties supposed to smell like? I wondered, and then I handed them to Joe, who smiled like he?d just robbed a candy store.

I watched as he brought them to his face and inhaled, and then watched his face melt in pleasure and relaxation.

I think he sighed.

It would be a couple of weeks before he started trying them on.

For a fetish, it wasn?t a bad one.

Besides David who introduced me to the world of BDSM, I hadn?t really been with anyone who had a kink or fetish before, and hadn?t yet come out with mine myself, so it was interesting to watch Joe enjoy and get off on my panties.

Like, literally get off on them.

We had a mutual masturbation session at one point where he was huffing a handful of my panties, jerking off with one of my thong strings riding up his butt.

He liked to take my dirty panties home with him ? and I didn?t care what he did with them, because he would always bring them back washed.

But there was nothing he loved more than wearing my panties out in public.

It was out little secret, and that?s the part that turned me on and got me hot, to know that my boyfriend was doing something he considered naughty sex play out in public, I could get on board that train and play along.

His favorite thing to do was take me to Victoria?s Secret.

We would walk around the tables of perfectly laid out panties and Joe would discretely point to the ones he wanted me to buy for him to wear?after I had worn them.

I?m surprised it turned me on.

In the beginning I thought the whole thing was kind of weird.

Why did he want to wear my panties?

Was hi bi? Was he gay? Did he have mommy issues he needed to work out?

So, I did that thing that people do when they want to have good relationships:I just asked him why he liked it so much.

?Well, something about the smell just gets me really riled up and turned on, maybe pheromones or something,? he said.

?But wearing them??

Joe shrugged. ?It just feels good. I like the way they hold my junk, I like feeling the thongs up my ass when I?m walking around, and I like the feeling of secretly wearing them in public,? he admitted.

?Because it?s naughty,? I said.

?Well, yeah,? he said.

And you all know how I can get down with doing anything that feels naughty in public, so I could definitely get down with this.

It got to the point where it turned me on to see him so turned on wearing my panties in bed ? I still can?t get over how weird it sounds, but it?s true.

Sometimes sex is weird.

Sometimes fetishes are weird?a lot weirder than that.

But they can all be handled in a relationship that is open to listening and good communication.

Yes, at first I thought Joe?s panty fetish was really weird, but had I said anything about it or rejected him for it I would have hurt his feelings and pride.

Personally, I?d rather be open and accepting, and willing to give things a try, than just shut them down cause I?m a little freaked out.

In my opinion, it?s always a good thing to try something new to spice things up in the bedroom, and if someone has a fetish, you should at least give it one whirl to see how you really feel about it.

But no.

You still can?t poop on me.

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