How To Upload a PDF To Twitter? [Finally Solved]

How To Upload a PDF To Twitter? [Finally Solved]

Yup, you read that right. The problem is solved! Uploading a PDF to Twitter seemed to be nearly impossible. I looked everywhere for a solution and couldn?t find one. I felt frustrated. Well, that was until I finally FOUND THE PERFECT SOLUTION:

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As a person mostly focused on sharing informative articles, posting PDF files to Twitter was a major challenge.

I couldn?t add PDF to Twitter and most search results of ?can you upload PDF files to Twitter?? or ?can Twitter send PDF?? brought online posts based on filesocial or a twitdoc review.

Both only focused on how to tweet a word document. It wasn?t until I found out about the free software Yumpu from a close friend that I realized I can finally put PDF to Twitter and even Facebook!

It is what has helped me grow my online audience since I can now upload PDF links to Twitter more often.

Let us take an in-depth look at this service and how to upload a PDF to Twitter.

You probably got one burning question:

Is There An Easy Way To Upload PDF To Twitter?

Let me tell you?

? YES, you can upload a PDF to Twitter and even your Facebook Account! (These are the same steps for Twitter and Facebook)

It took me quite a while to figure this out, but now I will show you?

?How to upload a pdf file to Twitter:

  1. Go to the website Yumpu and create a free account
  2. Upload your document in PDF format
  3. Once you upload files, wait for 1?2 minutes (while the conversion takes place)
  4. Now open the magazine you just created & copy and paste the link of the flipping book
  5. Login to your Twitter account to create a Tweet in which you include the link (take a screenshot of your magazine cover and add it as a photo to your Tweet to gain even more interest of the reader)

Check ? Now you can view your uploaded PDF to Twitter.

(further down below you can see the step-by-step-guide including pictures)

Now, before we get ahead of ourselves with how to share PDF Twitter, let?s strip it down to the basics, as we first have to understand what Twitter actually is all about.

What is Twitter?

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Twitter is a social network service which also doubles as an online news platform.

Founded in 2006, it has gone on to become one of the most popular forms of sharing media online, with an estimated 200 million users, annually.

Messages are conveyed via short sentences or wordings which are a maximum of 140 characters long, known as tweets.

Because of this strict wording restriction, users have found methods of relaying voluminous information by including pictures (maybe also getty images) as well as sharing external links to online documents.

Yumpu is an online digital publishing site that enables users to share PDF documents on Twitter, and is, therefore, an ideal means of bypassing the 140 character limit.

Over the years, a major challenge of using the social platform has been the ability to post PDFs on Twitter.

So, can you really upload PDF to Twitter?

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For those who still do not believe me, YES WE CAN.

It is almost like the content creators with an upper hand, are those who focus on audiovisual content.

I mean, they can tweet a short description, and then proceed to upload a video showcasing their work.

It is not in the same context if I were to upload PDF to Twitter, considering so many entertaining and informative videos used to be shared on a regular basis, so much that Twitter decided to acquire Vine in 2012.

Vine allowed users to record short 6-second video clips and then subsequently upload them on Twitter. That is before its affiliation with the network was discontinued abruptly. Note that Vine users could share from other similar sites while uploading their own videos but for readers, they could only share a link but not upload a PDF to Twitter.

From Frustrated to Happy ? the Solution

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Given the high capacity of news relayed over this platform, it was frustrating not to get my content out there for the masses to see, all because I couldn?t upload a PDF to Twitter.

I was unsure if I?d ever stumble across a solution to my problem and thus became overwhelmed because all solutions required technical skills.

So I kept asking myself how can I upload a PDF to Twitter?

Honestly, I must have spent countless hours scouring the internet searching articles like ?how to upload a PDF to Twitter??

Usually, people share documents by using external links which redirect to files uploaded on Google Docs.

To share PDF on Twitter meant I had to have a website to where I could direct my audience.

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That was until I found out about Yumpu!

Before I found this tool I kept on trying to get a suitable way to upload PDF files, and I knew that I had to take a different approach, one that was not expensive nor complicated.

It had to be an easy and swift method of use to attach PDF to a Twitter post.

Well if you are interested in more detailed information, keep on reading, as I will share how I found the ideal solution with this service!

How To Share A Twitter PDF Upload with Yumpu

Image for postWebsite of Yumpu

I eventually found a solution after a stressing ordeal mostly because I was forced to consult often with other people with whom we shared a mutual interest.

At times I rather opted to attempt the use of a third party flipbook software and try to be a guru in my own way to hack through this disaster.

Both were time-consuming and costly in the long run considering I was not making any headway into solving my shortcoming.

I was swamped with work because I was trying to get new customers through too many online channels because Twitter didn?t just cut it out for me anymore.

I mean, the platform was there with a fully fledged audience, but I felt helpless knowing it was a mountainous task to show and share with them.

However, now I feel like a publishing genius thanks to my methods courtesy of a solution I stumbled upon.

Don?t get me wrong, not that I have any technical skills, but the solution feels great because not only is it fun to use this tool, it is also straightforward and I can reach and get access to more people easily.

Features Of Using Yumpu

It was a joyous scenario finding that one small problem that I couldn?t wrap my head around, now suddenly opened the doors to a whole lot of other possibilities.

I got to see how trying a single upload of PDF to Twitter could turn into, expanding my PDF files into online publications similar to a newspaper, yet accessible to millions of people.

The web page offers free publishing and they take care of all the technical affairs allowing me to just focus on delivering my content.

So, gone are the days of asking yourself, ?How do you upload a PDF to twitter??

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In fact, if you publish your works on the site, it becomes easier to share on social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Co.) thanks to, an optimized sharing feature.

The whole process is surprisingly fast (publishing) and takes just minutes before you can ?upload a PDF to Twitter? by sharing the URL as a link in a tweet. Its features are great especially for individuals with small startups, beginners, or as in this case, private publishers.

Take for instance the hotspot editor links which make it simple to share internal links, external links, or even merge it with an online shop.

One thing that sets PDF publications apart from the physical copies or versions is the ability to implement both video and audio files while presenting it as a slideshow (and of course you can also insert image).

It would be easy nonetheless to embed all these features then upload the PDF file to Twitter.

Customizing it makes it much more enjoyable to read and easier to break down the content.

Which plan to choose?

The free version has pretty much all the necessary features to aid you in your quest of having a top publication and upload PDF to Twitter.

There is, however, a slight difference which you will notice when you subscribe to an adfree plan for only $19.95.

It is free of interruptions from advert banners that pop-up while you are creating content, and gives you more options to customize your publications.

With such a paid plan, you can add custom logos as well as privacy settings.

But if pricing is an issue, don?t hesitate to use the gratis version which works just fine.

It is compatible with all devices and you can start off with it before you decide to upgrade later on.

Benefits Of Using Yumpu

It has to be said that one of the core advantages of using this site is that there is optimized content delivery on whichever device you decide to use.

The pages load in minimal time and the content is scaled to the screen of your device to ensure that even the pictures are of the required quality (Pixel) standard.

Such a feature is essential while sharing the content especially since it is the closest thing to an upload of PDF to Twitter.

It also has a WordPress plugin which allows you to share it as a blog post.

Though this is not a direct upload of PDF to Twitter, you can post your work on WordPress and readers can, in turn, share links on Twitter.

It almost makes the site like it?s a third-party software in such a scenario.

Another useful feature is that apart from viewing it as a tool to export content, it can also be used to import docs for publishing ? you can use CSV, Excel, or Google Docs and then convert them to PDF file for the upload.

You can work offline in any of these formats, and then, later on, import them for publishing.

Since the publication looks more pristine when converted to PDF file, you can spend about 1 to 2 minutes converting the data.

Other benefits are listed below, and they include:

  • It?s an all-in-one Publishing Solution
  • Publications will become an interactive experience
  • Reach potential customers across all online platforms
  • Engage your readers by embedding audio and video files.
  • Publish your ideas quickly & easily
  • No technical skills needed
  • great support team to contact
  • Potential for instant online sales makes it easy to sell directly from your publication

How To Create A Publication & Share it on Twitter

Since an upload of PDF to Twitter is possible via the share option, it is only fair you set yourself up with this as a means to create a magazine publication.

The first step is to visit the official site and select the option to create a free account.

After a quick verification of your credentials via email, you are now able to create in PDF file format.

Not only can you use the platform to upload PDF to Twitter to share with your followers, you can also upload to WordPress, or simply from other software such as Microsoft Office.

And since I couldn’t find any nice resources and tutorials, below is a step by step tutorial instruction including pictures for more clarity;

  1. Go to the site and create a free account (you will need your email address)

Image for postSign-up

2. Upload your document in PDF format

Image for postAdd a PDF

3. Wait 1?2 minutes (while the conversion takes place)

Image for postConvert PDF to flipbook

4. Now open the magazine you just created & copy the link URL of the flipping book

Image for postCopy + pase link

5. Head over to Twitter to create a Tweet in which you include the link (take a screenshot of your magazine cover and add it as a photo to your Tweet to gain even more interest of the reader that follow you). And finally, hit the ?Tweet? button .

Image for postCreate new tweet

That?s it!

Really simple, really fast.

Further Benefits of using this Software

There is a myriad of benefits to enjoy once you set up shop.

For instance, to upload PDF to Twitter, you can embed the publication on your personal web page or just link to your publication that you have published on Yumpu.

All you might have to do is share your web-link on social media like Twitter, Facebook etc. to aid in driving traffic, where your audience might stumble upon something they love.

It also has so many cool features, most of which we have discussed already, that add a bit more finesse into your publication.

One thing you have to realize is that all these features are just for the free version.

The other subscription-fee versions have some unique features that improve on an upload of PDF to Twitter. You can try out the trial version to experience some of the cool features it has to offer before paying a subscription to fully benefit from the numerous advanced features.

Not that the gratis version is limiting, but you have to realize that the more publications you have to save, more some of the services features will come in handy.

Even if you could upload PDF to Twitter, you would be required to take precautions over online safety.

The trial version will let you share and email, only on secure links.

Additionally, your publications would be password protected and tracked with Google analytics to determine the impression of how many people have viewed or read your work.

  • Set publication printing
  • Set PDF download
  • Manage player branding
  • Track with Google Analytics
  • Password protect your publications
  • Huge knowledge base
  • Secure link for sharing and emails
  • Scheduling function (set publishing and cancelation date)


Social networks have tried to outdo each other by incorporating various features in a quest to provide a unique user experience.

This service is the best solution through which you can finally upload PDF to Twitter while benefiting from the numerous advantages on the network.

However limiting the 140 character rule seems, it plays a part in helping users share information at a much faster rate.

As a user, all you need to do is read the tweet and find out what type of information is being relayed and if there is more to it, you only need to click the link to learn more.

To upload a PDF to Twitter, an internal link to the platform would be sufficient.

In fact, your work is cut out for you as soon as you post an enticing tweet where the link only takes up 22 characters and your message is only 118 characters long.

A phenomenon of tweets tagged with a link is that they always draw the reader to click on them to find out more.

Imagine when it leads them right to where your publications are in an alluring PDF format!

To upload PDF to Twitter is not as stressful as it once was, thanks to the platform Yumpu.

My work has become much easier thanks to the convenience that I have found on this publishing platform.

It has a nice, clean and attractive interface which is user-friendly and worth trying out and I would highly recommend it.

So, can I put PDF on Twitter?

Well yes, my problem has been solved.

If you are interested in other related articles and tips or got any questions, let me know and post some comments in the comment section! I will write another article soon ? so stay tuned!


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