The Six Facebook Marketplace Selling Secrets You’ll Ever Need

The Six Facebook Marketplace Selling Secrets You’ll Ever Need

Making money by selling on Facebook Marketplace is easier than you might think, especially with these expert tips.

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1. Do Some Research

Before starting to sell, look around Facebook Marketplace to see what people are selling in your area. Do you want to sell locally, regionally, or nationally? Differentiate yourself by selling items that are not similar to other items. Mid to large items are popular on Facebook Marketplace. Furniture, electronics, and general household items like microwaves are common.

2. Join Facebook Groups

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Join some Facebook Marketplace Groups preferably in your area. Localized listings move faster than item?s far away. This will give you an idea of what people are selling and for how much in your area. Pricing your items right is important. During this research phase, pay careful attention to what people are charging for items similar to yours and price your items to stay competitive. Don?t price too low, or too high, otherwise you will deal with a lot of interested parties that may not end up buying your item.

3. Take Good Pictures

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Pictures go a long way. Do not use stock images as this is often perceived as fraudulent. Present your items as you would like to see them in a store. Include accurate detailed descriptions, in addition to timing and availability. Ensure your pictures also show any potential defects, in addition to any warranty information as well. This way, customers know they are dealing with a serious seller who has taken the time required to present an item for sale. Use a solid colored white or black background when taking pictures. This eliminates distractions.

Also, honesty goes a long way. Just be clear and honest, and you?ll be fine.

4. Spread the Word

Facebook owns Instagram, and you can easily cross post your listings. This means more eyes will see your items. You can also cross post your listings automatically across other Facebook Groups you are a part of. This also means more eyes and potential buyers.

5. Include Delivery

Facebook Marketplace Delivery App ? Phlatbed

This is the master secret! Delivery! The most successful sellers on the marketplace know this ? if you can offer delivery using an app like Phlatbed, this goes a long way. The greatest barrier for many people buying on Facebook Marketplace is the delivery process. Successful sellers know this, especially for mid to larger items. This is why Phlatbed has a cult following on the Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. Phlatbed is like Lyft or Uber for Picking up and delivering marketplace items, including Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other online marketplaces. Highly recommended.

You can also use the Phlatbed Mobile App to deliver your Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Offer Up, Nextdoor, and HomeGoods, Big Lots, or online sales items.

Android devices:

Apple devices:

6. Maintain Consistency

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Try to establish your own distinctive brand and style for the kind of products you sell. If you?re into furniture and household items, then be consistent on that. You become known in the marketplace for this. Sellers who try to sell everything they can on marketplaces are rarely successful. Consistency will give you control over pricing, listing, and delivery expertise. It will also build you a following across your social media channels because you will be known as the subject matter expert on your items. If buyers recognize your style and know you offer quality products, they will become repeat customers and find your listings more easily.

If you?re ready to start earning money by selling on Facebook Marketplace, go to to post your first listing.


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