Nancy had the common exuberance of a kid, she was friendly, flighty, childish and gullible. She seemed to want to know everything yet she lacks knowledge and wisdom. She delights in talking and gisting with others and she doesn?t care if she is revealing or divulging too much information. All she cares about is feeling better, getting better and being happy.

Her emotions are clearly written on her face and her expressions don?t lie. She believes everything is straightforward , black and white, no hidden agendas. In a relationship,she believes if she pouts, gets angry, flares up , threatens, or cries he will change. Worse still she believes if she falls sick and is on the verge of death he will change. She believes pretence isn?t dangerous and she can manage it. Nancy trusts the wrong people too much. Nancy is a good example of a gullible individual, a gullible person also acts naive and unintelligent. This is not a trait that one can hold on to for too long. What then can gullible people do?

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One of the major characteristics of gullible people is that they they tend to trust people easily. it is not that it is bad to warm up to people, trusting them easily but the world as itis as taught us to be extremely careful in dealing with fellow humans especially people we are meeting for the first time.

READ To avoid being gullible or naive, one must always increase in knowledge. Always strive to improve your knowledge base. You can not stay oblivipous of what goes on in your surroundings or in the world in general. It is quite dangerous.

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ALWAYS ASK FOR CLARITY Always ask questions. do not be too quick to assume that someone or somethings is being straight with you. if you do not understand why something is, ask questions. Be certain, do not make any decision in a hurry.


Be more curious about things or situations. It is true that being a doubting Thomas isn?t such a good trait but as much as you are the good girl in any picture doubt facts until proven true. Nevr believe everything you are told hook line and sinker, except the individual telling you thingd has earned your trust. And yes, let people earn your trust.

DO NOT JUMP INTO CONCLUSIONS It is a very big error that a lot of people not only gullible people make. Avoid jumping into conclusions in any situation. Always double check.


Yes always watch out for things, people or situations who appear too good to be true. No human or situation is perfect. Only God is. So beware of perfect people and too godd to be true situations.

In conlusion, being gullible is not totally a bad thing, but we become like children, appearing naive and can become easily deceived. This of course is dangerous for any adult.Hence the need to avoid being gullible.

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