How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home

How to Play Amazon Music on Google Home

Google and Amazon have always had a serious rivalry as the technology continues to grow, they have slowly got different, targeting each other?s projects as the project to drop opposition and to raise their projects. It evolves gradually with the Amazon, who first introduced their fork of Android or forcing the users of Android to download the App Store to get access to Prime Video.

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As they both continue to compete with each other in a streaming game with the Amazon that denies advertising Chromecast or the Chromecast Ultra as well as instead providing users the Fire Stick of Amazon or Roku device and denies to carry the home library of google of the smart speakers.

Google responds throughout 2017, dragging YouTube both Fire Stick and Echo Show, later Amazon promised in December to use Google?s product to Amazon? s digital collection. Still, nothing happens, its been 7 years, and everyone has the idea of the tech, including Google?s Home speakers back to Amazon. If you wish to play Amazon Music on Google Home, then it is possible as well.

Playing From PC

Like other sources of sound, you will require the Chrome on the PC to stream to the Google device, either the Chromecast Audio or the Google Home. If the PC can?t run the Chrome for any reason or you may want to browse on other browser and denies to run the Chrome on the laptop, then you can?t do anything and if you use it, then follow the procedure.

  1. Start by launching the new window in Chrome on the PC.
  2. Go to the Amazon music page.
  3. Sign in to the account or wait until the web app loads on the screen. The page will be the same whether you use Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Prime Music, or you have the MP3s from the Amazon store. No matter what option you have selected, the page will be the same.
  4. As the web launch on PC in Chrome
  5. Click on the triple-dot section tab at the upper right hand of the browser to launch the Chrome section.
  6. Move the cursor to locate the Cast tab and then tap on it. You must be on the page that has Amazon?s music launched, or else it will not work.
  7. Choose the Cast option will launch the small pane at the center top of the browser that says cast to. This will show all the Cast compatible devices on the network like Google Home, Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, Nest Hub devices, and Google Nest Mini.
  8. Locate the name of the Home device on the list. If you have one Cast-enabled device, it might be only listing on the network.
  9. When it is visible on the list, use a mouse or the touchscreen to choose it. You can hear the jingle on the device, and the box prompts on the browser reads the Casting tab.

Playing From Smartphone or Tablet

It can be a little tricky using the desktop site on the Chromebook, laptop, or other PC to manage music playback in the house. Streaming from the PC is the easy way for everyone to get Music application and running it on the Google Home speaker. however, if you want to modify the album skip or play the music on any of the Amazon?s radio stations, you have to return to the PC rather than managing playback right from the device.

  1. To begin, download the app from Google play.
  2. When its downloaded on the device, launch the application on the device and then login with the Amazon account.
  3. If you may installed Amazon on the device, you have to log in with the password and email; it will sign in automatically.
  4. Locate the Cast tab in the app. It may be visible at the upper right, like most of the video and audio apps on Android. If you are unable to view the Cast tab, then ensure that you have connected to the similar Wi-Fi.
  5. Click on Cast tab to check the list of a sustaining device on the network.
  6. Choose the speaker that you want to cast, then you will hear the jingle from the system when you connect it. As you begin playing songs from the Android app, then it will continue to play automatically on the speaker.

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