How to Make Him Cum Twice

How to Make Him Cum Twice

Shortening his refractory period so you can both enjoy round two

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Many men roll over after they climax, fall asleep and that?s it.

Game over.

They have tried before, maybe, to get it up twice in one lovemaking session and it hasn?t worked, so they just figure, that?s it. They have read somewhere on the internet that men have a refractory period after orgasm that can last as long as 24 hours. So they don?t even try to get it up again, even if you want more. It doesn?t have to be that way. Here?s why.

A little research

I found out through talking to my guy friends that some of them would masturbate like six times a day during their adolescent years.

?How much time in between sessions,? I asked them.

It was generally a few hours, but sometimes they would go again after just a few minutes. Granted, after adolescence, the surging of testosterone lets up somewhat, but the fact that young men could have so many orgasms made me think that we women were being shortchanged by these ?one ejaculation? guys.

Mind over matter

The human will is an amazing generative power. If we can will it so, oftentimes we can overcome limitations. This applies to all aspects of life, career, health, relationships, and personal growth. However, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink. He has to want this. So, a discussion is necessary before you attempt this method. Make him see that sometimes you as a woman, multi-orgasmic, would love to continue the lovemaking. Make him see the possibility of all night long sex.

There are so many songs that brag about ?all night long? after all. So it must have happened to some guys. They can?t all be lying.

?And you?shook me all night long. Yeah you??

This is a song from a band from my grandparents? time called AC/DC. Here are the lyrics from the second verse:

Working double timeOn the seduction lineShe was one of a kind, she?s just mine all mineWanted no applauseJust another courseMade a meal out of me and came back for moreHad to cool me downTo take another roundNow I?m back in the ring to take another swing?Cause the walls were shakingThe earth was quakingMy mind was achingAnd you shook me all night long.

So?what does this song prove? That it is indeed possible to fuck all night long. That he can do it, if he wants to do it.

It?s not for everyone

Some people are happy with five or ten minutes of sex and then lights out.

But some people, especially younger ones, want to continue exploring in this sexual realm for hours under the moon. They want to take the full-length cruise, not the rowboat ride.

Ask your mate if he?s up for it, and if he is, then you two can use this method to shake each other all night long ? but he?s got to really be on board.

Preparation ? no fap for at least three days, preferably a week

I know, that?s almost impossible for a guy. But really, if he?s a regular wanker there is no way possible that he?s going to have enough left for a second course with you.

Another thing that really helps with the preparation is maybe a little more radical ? no porn for a month prior. And that goes for both of you, not just the guy.

No porn? Why?

There?s nothing wrong with porn, OK. I?m porn positive. But if you want to attempt this trick, you have to do without. It?s a simple matter of overexposure. Without a month of that overexposure to body parts and sex acts that you get with porn, your mind will be supercharged by the sites and feelings of the real sex that you have for your all night long shaking.

Overexposure to sex numbs us to sex. Look, I?m a huge Camila Cabello fan. I loved that song with Shawn Mendes, ?Senorita,? when I first heard it. Now, after they?ve been playing it over and over again on the radio for a year, I?m just over it. It?s annoying. Enough.

I?m sure in about five years when I hear it again I?ll like it again. But I need a break. A long break.

So, no porn for a month and no fap for three days. Don?t let him lie to you about it either. Make him look you in the eye and promise that he hasn?t fapped in at least three days. If he doesn?t crack, then he?s either a really good liar or he?s ready to proceed with the method.

Getting down to it

OK. So now you?ve gone to bed together, he?s fucked you, ejaculated and he?s getting that sleepy look in his eyes and he?s rolling over. Begin method now!

Say exactly these words in a breathy tone:

?Oh yeah, baby, that was so hot, let?s do it again.?

So you have to memorize that phrase and say it exactly. No improvisation. Why? Because it displays to your unconscious mind your commitment to this experiment as a method of getting outside yourself, outside your comfort zone. These are not your words, they are the method?s words. And your thoughts or feelings or limiting beliefs about what is possible are not relevant. This is wholly beyond your egos, OK??

?Oh yeah, baby, that was so hot, let?s do it again.?

Repeat after me. Practice in the mirror. Do it. Exactly those words, I?m not kidding.

Encountering his resistance

Now, he might feel the ?pressure is on? and he might begin to suffer from performance anxiety. This is a very real issue for a man, so you have to encounter and overcome his anxiety by letting him know that you are going to share the burden ? you are going to help him. It?s not something he has to face alone.

?Come on baby, I?ll help you get hard again.?

Say exactly those words, again, for the reason above, because I guarantee you that you too will be getting misgivings at this point about whether it?s even worth trying. I mean, you can see it in his face, the poor guy just wants to fall asleep.

Did you know there is a chemical in the male brain that is basically an anesthetic that is produced by ejaculating?

So yes, we do have our work cut out for us. And yes, there does need to be a short break. I mean, even in the song above there is a reference to the refractory period ? but with the help of the hot babe he overcomes it:

?Had to cool me down to take another round now I?m back in the ring to take another swing??

Yes, some time needs to pass. During these few minutes, you can massage each other, or you can just caress each other, do some kissing and treasuring of one another. Don?t touch the cock just yet. Let it rest. During this period you are letting him know that you are his partner, his consort, and that together you are going to journey again to that land. And remind him, if you want to, that the second orgasm for the man is usually described as exponentially more powerful than the first. So yes, it?s going to be good. It?s going to be so good.

Do not suck a limp dick

There is nothing wore than going down there and beginning to give him a blow job while he?s in this refractory state. It is lonely for a man to be way up there in his head while you are way down there on his flaccid cock. What he needs right now is your partnership ? not to feel alone with the great burden of responsibility of becoming hard again.

Lightly massage his penis

While staying up there with him, casually and calmly begin to stroke his penis, while talking to him about something else, while distracting him with kisses on his ear, or while tickling him. Be playful, casual, but persistent. It might take five or ten minutes of light stroking, but look for any sign of quickening, hardening, or chubbifying. Eventually it will come.

Strategies I employ now are 1) tell him how hard I am going to fuck him 2) tell him how wet he makes me and how attracted to him I am 3) tell him there?s never been another man like him.

It?s appealing to his ego. Men have huge egos, in case you didn?t know. And right now his ego needs a bit of buttering up. Because this is not an easy accomplishment.

Praise and encouragement!

At the slightest sign of hardening, really pile on the praise and encouragement. He?s basically a first-grader at bat in little league, now, and you are the parent cheering from the stand. ?You can do it, son!?

You might even applaud. That will involve taking your hand off his penis though, but I found guys really like it when I applaud at the first sign of returning erection.

The return of the erection is also a signal that you may suck his dick. He won?t feel lonely as long as he?s half hard. And putting your mouth on him should bring him the rest of the way.

But beware, there is still one more major challenge.

Just because he?s hard does not mean he can cum

I have gotten a guy hard for the second go-round, only to have it all go to pieces after a few minutes of fucking when he realizes he?s not going to be able to cum again.

The refractory period is not just for erection, of course ? it is for orgasm.

Massage the balls and urethra

The best solution to this challenge is to fuck him on top and put your hand down to massage his balls and the space between his balls and his anus. Here your hand will be pressing against his urethra, and applying pressure upwards to the prostate gland, and, most importantly, the seminal vesicle which is located above the prostate.

Insert finger

A surefire way to get him to cum this second time, if he is having trouble, is inserting your finger into his anus, up to your second knuckle, and press forward on his prostate gland.

This involves being prepared ? some sort of lube or natural lube from your own vagina will be needed.

It also involves being comfortable with each other enough so that such an intimate act won?t be cast in his mind as a prostate exam ? guys hate those. To make it different than those doctor visits, put it super slowly ? the docs always ram it up and pull it out in a second. You take a minute until you find the right spot. Ask for his feedback. Does that feel good? Am I there yet. He?ll tell you when you?re ?there? at the prostate because he will suddenly be filled with sexual ecstasy like he might never have felt before.

And then he will come.

In case of failure, delay or boner loss:

Laugh it off.

You can call it a night and agree to try again another time. But don?t make this mean it will never work. I had to try this three times with one guy before we got it right ? and finally, it involved a lot of prostate tickling!

But it can be done.

I believe in you guys.

Go on, shake each other all night long!


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