Daily Sex Letter #2- Choose Your Own Adventure

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Hello Sexy People!

I hope this Tuesday is treating you beautifully.

It?s been a little quiet here since we last spoke, but there?s still plenty of sexy reading for you all. This week, I went back in time a few years and recalled a time when a massage client of mine became more than a client. Tall, sexy, and oh so strong?hmmm, read about it for yourself!

Being Sexually Open Can Make Things Fun

My favorite tale from this week is about exploring sex toys with my husband. For the first time, I got to use them on him! Bullet vibes are really the best. Check out this steamy story:

How I Found Out My Man Loves Sex Toys

I think I?m getting the hang of this publication thing. As you can see, I finally figured out how to link articles instead of just posting the link. Yay, me! I?m not the most tech savvy lady, but I learn quickly.

I?ll go ahead and give away my age a bit here. Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? I do, they were some of my favorites growing up. I always enjoyed going my own way and making my own stories.

Is this something you enjoy as well? Wouldn?t it be nice if there were CYOA-The Erotica Edition? Well, there is! If you check out my Patreon account, you?ll see that?s exactly what I offer. You decide what you want in an erotic story, and I?ll write it just for you.

Demeter?s Delights

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Yesterday?s letters are here.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.

xoxo, Demeter


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