How To Inflate & Deflate Foil Balloons

If you have bought foil balloons for the first time and you want to fill it with air then it could be a bit tricky for the first time.

At Propsicle, we have seen many of our customers struggling to fill the balloon and end up damaging the same. After one such incident with one of our customers I decided to write this blog to cover step by step process of filling a foil balloon.

Most foil balloons come along with a straw to fill the balloon and it is easy to inflate and deflate a balloon using the same straw.

Here is the step by step process of how to inflate a foil balloon-

Step 1: Find the color tab at the end of the balloon. This step is the most critical step and often people do this the wrong way which leads to damaged balloon.

Watch the video on how to inflate a foil balloon:

Step 2: Once the straw is inserted you can blow up the balloon and remove the straw. Do not try to overfill the balloon as it may burst.

Step 3: Once balloon is sufficiently inflated, gently remove the straw and press the sealing valve at the tail of the balloon.

Normally, a balloon stays inflated for a week.

Instead of straw you can also inflate the balloon using the air pump.

Most of the foil balloons are reusable. To deflate the balloon, simply insert the straw as shown in the step 1 and gently press the balloon for air to escape from the straw.

Watch the video for how to deflate helium foil balloon:

I hope this article was helpful. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


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