Feras Antoon

Feras Antoon

Feras Antoon

This is Feras Antoon

Feras Antoon is the CEO of Feras Antoon Reports, a blog dedicated to Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Technology. Feras wants to help small business and solo-preneurs launch their business online with no struggle.

Feras still works as a Digital Marketer and runs his blog as a side project. He worked in big and small projects with Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, and Mobile Monetization.

In addition, Feras loves cooking (especially recipes that involves cheese), writing and reading about tech and geek news. Lazy sometimes, Feras prefers to stay home watching his favorite shows on Netflix (he is a big fan of Doctor Who).

Feras is the father to the young Kali, a smart girl who loves bees and blueberry muffins.

Get in touch with Feras on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.


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