How to get 5 free passes and Episode~Choose Your Story.(NO HACKS)

We know what it feels like to be stuck in the middle of a good story and then have your passes run out. Stinks doesn?t it? Here is a simple way (without any hacks) to get 5 free passes to continue reading your favorite story! *Remember to do this only on your phone, not the computer*

  1. Go on safari,google, etc.. and type in
  2. Type in 4kidsgaming Demi Lovato Season 3.
  3. Once you?ve typed this in, go to the description of the video.
  4. You should see a link saying ?5 free passes?
  5. Tap on that and tap ?open in episode app?
  6. It should bring you to the Demi Stories.
  7. Say that you don?t want to read the Demi Stories (unless you do, of course) by pressing the symbol at the top-left corner.
  8. At your ?Passes? section, it should say that you have 5 passes.
  9. Enjoy!

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