Different Examples of Propaganda in Social Media

In this article I will be showing examples of propaganda in today?s news articles and other platforms. To remind everyone what propaganda is it is the spread of information to harm a person, group or movement. As we all know we have had issues regarding many groups like Alt Right movements and Black Lives Matter. The biggest issue to come out is the air strikes on Syria which has been the most talked about in social media as of now. I will be picking some example that was brought to my attention and showcase that these forms of propaganda are meant to harm than ever do good.

Disclaimer I am not stating that I am on any side as I am only showcasing examples of propaganda and what they make groups feel.

While scrolling through Twitter I found many examples of modern day propaganda within these platforms. Again I am showing these tweets only to show that not everything you see on the internet it true. Make sure to find out sources and see check for credibility.

Tweet saying that the Syrian air strikes have already begun.

The tweet states that residential areas in Syria were under attack and 4 people had died from them. Although it looks to be real I looked further into the tweet and found that the video provided with the tweet was from 2015 and outdated, making this tweet fake.

This tweet shows the the footage was from 2015 and has been shared by many already claiming this is the air strike. Which it is not.This tweet shows a political comic of Obama hiding and Trump being the one to step in. This shows false representation of President Obama and showing Trump ?stepping in to fix the issue?. This represents one view of a political side which hurts the democrats.Shows an inaccurate representation of US military personnel.

These last two tweets show the bias representation of Trump supporters spreading false images and mockery images to social media. Basically showing that Republicans are cleaning up the mess of what was left and showing no accurate information to back their claims up. These tweets are meant to stir up feelings and spread hurt within parties.

The next couple of images show a different approach and actually touches base with our past as America. Since the first image shows an older image it makes readers believe because there is an older image ?I should believe it because it happened in the past so we should follow the past.? It gives an inaccurate approach of immigrants coming from their countries.

Image for postAn example of propaganda against immigrants which tries to make people think its unfair that these people get to be in this country.Image for postAnother example of republican propaganda making liberals look bad and making people from Mexico look horrible.

Most of these memes are usually floating all over Facebook which has been the biggest birth place for propaganda memes, like the ones shown above. I honestly hate them and bring so much hurt in my eyes. Propaganda like this shouldn?t be shown to millions of people as it gives false information and more hate. In the article I linked, many of these images are from Russia and they?re there to make you rethink where you stand. All of it should never be used as sources or someones way of information.

30 Batsh*t Crazy, Mostly Racist Facebook Memes the Russians Used to Corrupt Your Mind

Earlier this week, Facebook’s chief security officer, Alex Stamos, revealed that Russia had “likely” used 470 deceptive?


I found this image to be the most interesting one because it has no words and just two powerful men. One being a CEO of a big social media company that funnels many of these propaganda memes we see, many coming from Russia.

Image for postPropaganda example makes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg look like he works with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Here’s How to Check If You Liked or Followed Russian Propaganda on Facebook

I realize that this may come as a surprise to you, but it turns out that Russian agents used Facebook to spread?


This Instagram meme shows the many examples of Black people and the way police treat them. It is simply there to cause anger and hurt. It?s supposed to make you think that all police aren?t there for people of color which is also hurting the views of police men and women all over the country. Again an inaccurate representation of both groups because not everyone thinks this way. There are many police who are of color and would feel so much hurt to see things like this about their line of work.

Although it shows one side of the group it doesn’t accurately solve anything and just causes more hate to both groups.(Police and BLM)

All of these examples were just one of millions of hidden or deliberate examples of propaganda that reaches so many people daily. It is on many social media platforms waiting to stir up anger and frustration within groups and I feel this is the biggest problem. Inaccurate usage of pictures with commentary that isn’t true can cause more harm than many think. These fake images plant seeds in peoples? minds and cause them to think in negative ways about everything they see in the world especially those who don’t research on topics. This article I put together should show that not everything you see on the internet is real. There are people out there wanting to cause terror and hate. Ignoring and reporting these images is the best we can do.


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