How to Defeat Poverty Mindset

How to Defeat Poverty Mindset

Poverty mindset is a subject I?ve talked about before. It is rampant in our world today. Poverty mindset is a belief system that life is full of scarcity. It is the mindset that things are hard to get, that money is hard to earn, and that there isn?t enough out there for us. Poverty mindset rears its ugly head in the things we say, the thoughts we think and the actions we take. Buying artificial butter that we know is bad for us, when we could spend $3.00 more to get raw organic butter is a form of poverty mindset. Living somewhere unsafe that negatively effects our emotional wellbeing because rent was cheap is a form of poverty mindset. Refusing to invest in ourselves because we don?t want to spend money is a form of poverty mindset. Today I am going to talk about how to defeat poverty mindset.

1. You must confront it. You must stop agreeing with poverty mindset, find it in your life, take a good hard look at it, and admit that it?s there and that?s what it is. Stop getting defensive about it. Poverty mindset is a touchy subject mainly because this mindset causes the individual to make others wrong to justify being in poverty mindset. Stop justifying yourself and just look at where you are, who you are, and what you have. Do you like it and do you want to stay there? If the answer isn?t ?yes?, then get over your belief system. It?s not working. You must confront that you may have the wrong data and that it is causing you to think unhelpful thoughts and take the wrong actions for your goals and dreams.

2. Find the right information. There is correct and helpful information out there in existence. You will need to pay for this information. Why? Because the only way to break poverty mindset is to stop agreeing with it and begin disagreeing with it. If your mind is telling you ?don?t buy this? and your reasoning is fear and uncertainty, you need to do it just to invalidate your poverty mindset. Study the right information. Information is as right as it works. If you?re seeing results, apparently the information is right. You must think this way.

3. Decide. Cut off the old way in cut in to the new way. This doesn?t mean you?ll be perfect from day 1, but it does mean you need to burn the ships. Stop doing poverty things. Stop thinking poverty thoughts. Stop spending time with poverty people. You must cut those off. Begin doing wealthy things, thinking wealthy thoughts, and spending time with wealthy people. When you decide, you may need to decide again, and again, and again. This mindset is a hard mindset to break.

4. Take action. Get into a group of big thinkers. The community and environment you are in will make a significant impact on your mindset. Gain access to a mastermind that thinks and lives abundantly, even if you don?t agree with them. We?ve already established, your agreements don?t work. Your agreements gave you poverty mindset. Go spend time with big thinkers. Next, I want you to invest in yourself. This means paying for knowledge and certainty. You must take courses that will provide you with better information. If you?re afraid, you must do it. That?s the rule. When you?re in poverty mindset, fear is an indicator that you must do something. That needs to be your operating basis.

I was raised with poverty mindset and took it with me for 22 years of my life. At the age of 22, I did the steps above and I got rid of poverty mindset once and for all. Stop living below your means, and instead expand your means. When I made the decision and began taking action, I was able to take my income from $50,000 per year to over $800,000 per year in only 3 years. What I did worked! I want to teach you the same steps I took! Click here to watch this free personal finance course to learn the steps you must take to beat poverty mindset!

Own Your Potential,

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However, the truth is that time and money must be exchanged. It just doesn?t need to be you making the exchange.

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