What Are The Key Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Your Beard? (Boost Your Beard Growth!)

What Are The Key Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Your Beard? (Boost Your Beard Growth!)

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Possible Ways How Tea Tree Oil Can Enhance your Masculine Look

Technology has some advancing effects in the way we approach towards looking presentable. And you cannot deny how amazing it feels when you see yourself in the mirror only to look at the ?more presentable you?! That moment, itself, is enough to immediately draw a smile on your face, isn?t it? Being a man of your age, looking presentable doesn?t only result in a terrific first impression but it also keeps your spirits high. While that may differ around different countries & cultures, what?s prevalent is facial grooming. You already know that, don?t you? Otherwise, you wouldn?t have been here, reading about tea tree oil benefits for your beard.

So, you?re having a tough time with your beard (because that?s what made you come here to read this post), and you want to know the best of what you can do to keep your facial hair well-shaped and groomed. Because let?s face it, whether you want a snazzy beard design or keep it shortly-trimmed, what you need is to improve your beard hair! And that?s what made us create this post to knock out the benefits of tea tree oil for your beard. However, without having a fair idea about beard terminology, we certainly cannot go straight into the depth of why tea tree oil is beneficial for your beard. So, here goes everything about beard terminology.

Beard terminology

Having a fair idea about beard terminology will help you in the journey of knowing how tea tree oil benefits your beard. So, a beard is the facial hair that every teenager witnesses at some point or another. It?s the hair on your chin, upper lips, and neck.

You need to understand a couple of terms before moving further. A beard is a beard that already has grown untrimmed. So first, what is a tweard? A tweard is the beard growing for two years? time. Finally, a terminal beard happens to be the granddaddy one that signifies a man after hitting the critical point which has stopped the beard-growing process due to the split ends that resulted in hair shedding. Two types of hair are analyzed to grow on someone?s face ? while the first one is vellus, the second is terminal. Vellus is more youthful, the light blond colored one. And the terminal beard is coarser and darker.

Remember the time when the blond-colored hair started getting into the terminal ones as you aged? Those hairs are what become the beard when you grow as a man!

So, now that you know the beard terminology, it is time for you to have a fair idea about how tea tree oil can benefit your beard growth and texture.

But, why tea tree oil?

As the botanical name suggests, Melaleuca alternifolia happens to be a tea tree extract found mostly in Australia. It is even used for making effective medicines for acne treatment, skin treatments, and fungal infections that include beard hair.

Tea tree comes with antibacterial and antifungal properties that help maintain the beard health and even cleanses beard hair follicles. Besides working effectively against many skin problems, it helps massively in improving beard hair. Since tea tree oil happens to be antibacterial and is most commonly used in the beard oil, there are many benefits which you need to know. Mentioned below are the natural properties and benefits of tea tree oil that improve your beard hair giving it a healthier and shinier touch!

Benefits of tea tree oil for beard

This oil comes with antiseptic, antiviral, anti-infection, antifungal, and antibacterial properties dealing with several diseases. It can even unclog hair follicles and boost the immune system. From saturating beard hairs to preventing them from bacterial and parasitic contamination, tea tree oil does everything in between.

To speak further, it even prevents bothersome and dry beard. It also works as the moisturizer thereby controlling oil in your beard and facial hair.

This oil can purify your beard from the pollution, thereby making the hair softer and more delicate. In case you had already battled with the pesky ?beardruff?, you can try your hands on tea tree oil. It happens to be a fantastic oil to have massive effects on your beard hair.

What?s more, it can even be used in several ways including a balm, conditioner, or shampoo! All it does is dispose of parasitic, viral, or bacterial diseases. Apart from these advantages, it also invigorates hair follicles alongside beard hair development.

The last one here, using tea tree oil for beard hair development is easier than you ever thought! This is because it does not require genuine exertions. And the best thing is it works great as a cleanser. Moreover, it also makes your beard hair look shinier, giving it a snazzy look!

Best home-made recipe of tea tree oil to apply on your beard

To practice the best homemade recipe of tea tree oil at home, you need to know the basic ingredients that are required.

  • You need one oz. of coconut oil (extra virgin)
  • You also need one-quarter of argan oil (Moroccan is better)
  • You need four drops of tea tree essential oil
  • Lastly, you require two drops of rosemary essential oil

Now, comes the preparation!

  • For preparation, you need a bottle slightly bigger than 1 oz.
  • Include 1/4 oz. of the Moroccan Argan Oil.
  • Add 1 oz. of extra virgin Coconut Oil in that bottle.
  • Add rosemary essential oil (two drops, remember!)
  • Add tea tree oil (four drops)
  • Blend the mixture well and then shake it.
  • The clean beard oil recipe is here.
  • Apply it on your beard hair to get a dandruff-free, smoother, and softer effect on the facial hair.

Having serious and pesky beard problems?

? For Acne

For this, you are required to combine melted coconut oil (half an ounce) with 1/8th part of argan oil (Moroccan). After that, you are required to add tea tree oil (only 2 drops) alongside cedarwood oil (only one drop). In case acne is persistent, then you should use rosehip oil and not argan oil.

? For Growth

For beard growth, there are mainly two solutions

First, searching for a sweeter smelling oil for your beard? Then you should try this method at home. You have to combine 1.5 ounces of sweet jojoba and almond oils (each). Combine them with 4 drops of tea tree oil, cinnamon essential oil, and orange. Use it!

Second, combine jojoba oil (3/4th of 1 ounce) with a one-quarter ounce of almond oil. Add 5 drops of tea tree. Include 3 drops of peppermint oil. Shake it and use it!

Drawing the closure

It is understandable that keeping your beard well-shaped and maintained is a bit challenging since you are already occupied with the daily drudges of everyday life! But you cannot ignore the importance of personal development, in a world where looking presentable has many definitions, facial grooming being one of them. And because your beard is a sensitive part, you cannot count out the importance of using these homemade and natural tea tree oil recipes for beard growth.


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