How To Choose A Good Car Paint Scratch Remover Pen

How To Choose A Good Car Paint Scratch Remover Pen

For deep scratches that are induced by more rugged driving experience, car paint scratch remover pens are another method that works diligently in combating deeper scratches. Scratch paint repair pens have the ability to fill in deeper scratches and are very quick and easy to use. The pen goes over damaged areas with the assistance of a clear coat agent. The agent binds itself to the original paint in a very short period of time. Additionally, the pen has the ability to remove corrosion, rust, blistering, and oxidation. The scratch paint repair pen delivers quick and efficient results, and once it?s applied to your vehicle, it will dry off very quickly. The DIY method is ideal for a variety of glossy paints and colors, even for vehicles that are metallic. Regardless of the make and design of the vehicle, a car paint scratch remover pen is ideal for any and all scenarios, for all kinds of vehicle owners. This is one of many examples of a method that will save you the owner, from spending thousands of dollars that would ordinarily be spent at an auto body shop, to fix the extensive amounts of damage.

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Car owners are always looking for shortcuts so that they don?t have to spend top dollar, for something you can easily do by yourself at home. All you need is a little bit of patience and diligence, and upon doing this, you are on your way to combating the minor cosmetic imperfections that are currently residing on your vehicle. Scratch paint repair pens while effective, are not the easiest products to use. Depending on the user, it does require a significant amount of precision and accuracy. Other factors to consider are the width of the pen itself, as there is a good chance that the scratches you are dealing with are larger or smaller than the width of the pen. The pen will not work if the scratches have seeped through the clear coat and have made their way down to the primer. When looking to repair a deep scratch, you need to take the car to a professional at an auto body shop, no questions asked. Regardless of the kind of scratches, you need to act fast, because these blemishes will cause the value of the vehicle to depreciate over time. While the value of your car will go down due to natural wear and tear, and other factors like age and usage, there are other ways you can control this when attending to the imperfections on the exterior of the vehicle.

Scratch paint repair pens function very similarly to arts and crafts pens. In that, you have to firmly press down the pen, to release the paint that is sealed within the reservoir. These pens contain the exact colors of the different vehicles that they can be applied to. But in order for this to be accurate, you need to know the exact color code of your car. Color codes are located within the confines of your vehicle, more specifically, it can be found on the white tag on the driver?s side door. You want to make sure that the colors are an exact match, otherwise, the mismatch of colors will look rather odd and just unappealing to look at. The pens have a clear coat, and because of this benefit, they can be applied to any kind of car. The drawback of many conventional paint repair pens is that they struggle to work efficiently on more glossy and metallic colors. Even worse, they start to yellow once they settle in and dry up. Because of this issue, many companies have taken the initiative in working towards correcting this issue altogether, often time eliminating the need to check for the color code as well.

Newer car paint scratch remover pens upon application do not require sanding of any sort. After you use it, you?ll be ready to get back on the road and joyfully go about the rest of your day.

Steps to take for application of the product:

1.Inspect the vehicle:

This may seem obvious enough, but if you conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle, you may have a good chance to uncover scratches or blemishes that you didn?t notice previously.

2.Prepare the surface:

Before you even apply the product that you want to use, you should give the spot a good scrub down before the application process. You can use an ordinary car cleaning solution that has been diluted in a bucket of water. Once this is done, dry off the surface.

3.Apply some primer(if needed):

If the scratches have penetrated deep enough so that the color underneath the paint has been exposed, you will need to use a primer before you can go ahead and use the pen. The primer also comes in the form of a pen, and you have to vigorously shake the pen before you apply it to the vehicle. This helps the liquid to flow out. After you apply the primer, allow some time to pass and then begin to sand it down. Using sandpaper will help in smoothing out the surface of the affected area. Once completed, wipe away any of the residual dust so that the surface looks clean and shiny upon completion. Also, make sure to clean the excess primer on the tip of the pen, before you go ahead and seal it back with the pen cap.

4.Apply the paint:

You prep the paint pen in the same way that you prepped the primer. Shake it up so that the liquid flows down to the tip of the pen, and this will make for a much more feasible application process. Apply the paint evenly and don?t allow for it to be in the same spot for too long, as this can increase the likelihood of paint dripping, adding on to the messiness of the project as a whole. Once this is over and done with, allow the paint to dry for a sufficient amount of time before you go on and pursue your driving endeavors while out and about on the road.


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