HML Meaning: What Does HML Mean and Stand for?

What does HML mean? Learn the definition, usage and similar terms for this text abbreviation in English with interesting conversation examples and ESL infographic.

HML Meaning

What Does HML Mean?

In the world of texting ?hml? can hold different meanings. First, it means ?hit my line? as a way for teens or texters to tell someone to call or text. The next definition is a darker meaning of ?hate my life?, The dark meaning of ?hate my life? can be the easiest way for someone to display feelings of desperation in a bad situation.

Origin of HML

Pop culture has seen multitudes of acronyms for a faster or even easier texting experience. The need for an opposite to the love my life or ?lml? slang or even the intense term ?fml? (f**k my life). Those reasons saw the origin of ?hml? sometime in the early 2000s. It became an addition around 2006 in the Urban Dictionary and made its way to social media on Twitter about 2008.

The meaning of ?hit my line? may have been part of the Hip Hop world as a slang for call me, even appearing in artists? like Drake?s lyrics.

Conversation Examples

How this internet slang word meaning ?hate my life? is used.


Texter 1: Dan is with Jenny now?

Texter 2 : Really, wow sorry.

Texter 1 : I HML !

One friend explains how they hate their life because the guy they like is dating a girl they hate.

How you will see ?hml? meaning ?hit my line? is used.


Texter 1 : Hey girl I will be working tonight.

Texter 2 : Cool I?ll swing in and say hi.

Texter 1 : Great just hml !

A girl who works at a grocery store tells her friend to hit her line and say hello while she is at work.

Other Meanings

Hit Me Later

Hollings Marine Laboratory

How Many Lifers?

Hard Money Lender (real estate)

Hot Monkey Love

Hazardous Material List

Hellfire Missile Launcher

Help Me Lord

High Minus Low (Book to Market Value ratio)

HML Meaning Infographic

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