7 Apps that Will Help You Track Travel Expenses

These days there?s an app for everything, which makes life on-the-go much easier. Tired of tracking your travel expenses using spreadsheets? Better yet, tired of not tracking at all?

The fact is, business owners don?t enjoy the mundaneness of tracking expenses using traditional methods. Like squareship owner Nate Robertson says, ?Automating ineffective processes, such as travel expense tracking, can put your dollars to much better use.?

If you?re looking to add some ease and convenience to your travel expense tracking, you?re in luck. Here are 7 apps that make logging the numbers and mileage easier than you ever expected.

1. TrabeePocket

TrabeePocket is available on iOS as well as for Android users. This app allows you to input your upcoming vacation location. Once you?ve created a vacation, you can start adding expenses. TrabeePocket even allows you to switch between currencies. This is especially useful if you?re traveling to a country that doesn?t use the U.S. dollar. And you want a true count of how much you spent during the trip.

The app also allows you to note if your expenditures are by card or credit as well as the purchase type. Trabee Pocket offers a premium version of the app that allows users down export their expense report to Excel.

2. Trail Wallet

This app, available on iOS, allows you to track your travel expenses by tracking how much money you spend each day during your trip. Trail Wallet allows you to set a daily budget and each purchase you make throughout the day is automatically deducted from the total. We all know that on vacation it can be hard to stay within our spending range. With this app, you?re always in the know of how much money you?ve spent and what you have left.

3. Concur

If you?re a business traveler, this is the app for you. Concur is available on Android and iOS and is designed with business travel tracking in mind. The app allows you to track expenses related to conferences, TDYs, and other trips. This app is ideal for companies who need to keep track of each employee?s travel expenses in a centralized location. Using Concur, employees can submit expense reports as well as reimbursement reports.

4. Spent

Spent not only allows you to track your travel expenses, you can also submit a reimbursement report. This is especially important if you?re traveling for business purposes. The app allows you to:

  • Scan receipts
  • Create customized budget folders
  • Link banking and credit card accounts

Using this app you can classify your travel expenses as personal or business. If the simplistic yet thoroughness of the app wasn?t enough, Spent also offers a cash back rewards program on certain purchases.

5. Tripcoin

Planning a vacation to an area that may or may not have an internet connection? Tripcoin allows you to track your travel expenses without the need to use wifi. The app is ideal for getting a snapshot of your daily expenses during your trip. You can even compare your actual expenses to the budget you set. Tripcoin also allows you to see where you?re spending your money and which purchase types are taking up most of your cash flow.

The app supports over 200 currencies and allows you to convert directly within the app! You can download Tripcoin for free on an iOS or Android device.

6. Splitwise

Most apps meant to track travel expenses are designed to account for one person. But, if you?re traveling in a group and need to divvy up expenses, you?ll want to download Splitwise. The app allows you to add your travel partners and you can track who owes what or who has paid for certain expenses. This app is best used for U.S. travels as it doesn?t offer the most accurate currency exchange rates. Splitwise is available for free and can be used on iOS and Android devices.

7. Foreceipt

Foreceipt allows you to go paperless if you?re looking to track receipt. From airline tickets to hotel costs to food, you can use Foreceipt to track all of your travel expenses. The app uses the cloud, Google Drive specifically, to capture your receipts. To use Foreceipt:

  • Take a picture of your receipt
  • Enter the merchant and expense amount
  • You?re all done!

This app also allows you to track expenses by category. So while you can use it to track travel expenses, you can also use it to track other finances. Foreceipt can make budgeting and keeping track of finances easier, especially for small businesses.


Whether you work at an internet marketing company or at a restaurant, chances are you conduct a good chunk of your daily life using mobile apps, why not add travel expense tracking to the list? With these apps the days of pen and paper and pages of spreadsheets are of the past. Happy traveling?and tracking!


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