Heart Progress: Hatemongers

Heart Progress: Hatemongers

The following is a repost from my normal blog:

Over the past several months I have been working on a project. A project centered around highlighting a so-called love and acceptance group known as Heart Progress. They are notoriously known as wanting to normalize pedophilia as ?pedosexuality?.

While Heart Progress does have a campaign called #BreedOutTheHate, using interracial intercourse as a means to breed out racially intolerant people, right now, even in their trailer on their YouTube channel, is undisputably focused on pedosexuals. And they do not like dissent.

Usually, Heart Progress will just leave an insult or say you?re confused if you upload a negative video about them.

However, they have a new tactic for people who don?t agree with them. They have, in the past, told victims of molestation who spoke out against them that they weren?t really molested. There is one member in particular who is very distasteful in this regard.

This is, in addition to the other things I have stated, stealing artwork and content from other YouTubers and artists, and reuploading it as propaganda pieces.

Image for postOriginal ArtworkImage for postEdited Artwork

You might be wondering what stealing content has anything to do with a political group, though it?s not too surprising given their M.O. James Carter, one of the co-founders of Heart Progress, uploaded two stolen videos, taken from both Lindsay Amer and NateTalksToYou, respectively.

Image for postThe two grey videos in the screenshot are the ones that were taken down.

Unsurprisingly, said creators did not support the group using stolen content, one of the creators going even so far to file a DMCA takedown of one of the videos.

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They also like to misrepresent the truth.

One of James? videos titled ?Heart Progress: Pride Festival?, was posted on his channel on July 7th.

In the comments, James claims that the festival was a Heart Progress festival, not a normal LGBT pride festival.

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This is proven false, as a little bit of research can lead you to a news article debunking this myth, showing the festival was a normal pride festival taking place almost one month before the video. Further investigation showed that Heart Progress only had a booth at the event, yet they are still content with stating it was for Heart Progress.

All of the above only serves to prove that Heart Progress, at least it?s vocal members, do not care about being honest. However, they proceeded to go too far.

On July 11th, one of the members the team researching Heart Progress, Run N Guns News, found that James had made a post about his deceased brother.

In it, he implies his brother was stupid for trying to stop an armed murderer in the store, that his brother getting fatally shot was an example of ?unneeded bravery?.

This excerpt, in particular, is very telling of James? real reasons behind the post:

His favorite line was from Robocop was, ?Dead or alive, you?re coming with me?. Unfortunately for Joseph he didn?t even have the chance to say his favorite line to the gunman before he himself was fatally shot. But unlike Alex Murphy, he wasn?t transformed into cybernetic police officer. Instead he just slowly died as tears of regret ran down his face. So please, let Joseph?s tragic passing be a lesson to all of you that have permits to carry open or concealed firearms.

James has previously painted Run N Guns News as a ?gun-toting homophobe?, though has not provided any sufficient evidence to back up his claim. Run N Guns News has been following this group since January, calling them out, so it?s not surprising that James is not fond of him.

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What is very surprising and telling is how James went about this. Making a post vilifying Run N Guns News?s deceased brother, then as insult to injury, liking two of Run N Guns News?s posts on the Minds social media platform to make it personal.

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James has denied that it was him, stating it was a ?clone of his account?, but this explanation quickly falls apart when you do a simple search on Minds.

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There was even a recording that I requested from Run, showing the like came from James? account.

This has made one thing clear: Heart Progress doesn?t care about tolerance, love or acceptance. They have very few redeeming qualities, this driving home that they both cannot be trusted, and are malicious to dissenters to a now over the line level.

Hopefully, they will choose in the future to use an approach more in line with their values.

Until then, they are classified as one thing: Hatemongers.


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James has responded to the YouTube video linking to the original article above. However, he does not provide any refutations or proof to support his claims that this article is lies or conspiracies, thus is will stay up. Any refutations or responses are welcome.


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