Getting into the Mind of a Moon in Capricorn Woman

Getting into the Mind of a Moon in Capricorn Woman

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It?s not everyday we get the privilege to get deep with one of the most mysterious placements in astrology. This moon sign is a literal enigma. The first time I found out my moon was in Capricorn, I felt disappointed. Maybe it was because that?s what much of the first part of my life had felt like, or maybe it had to do with how try things suddenly ?clicked?. It took a longtime to see that having it is actually? a darn good thing. So it?s time we put our bad rep to rest.

How do you recognize a moon in Capricorn woman? Well, for one, usually the first impression we get from someone is their Midheaven and rising sign, so it isn?t possible to recognize their moon unless you?re really intuitive, or already well versed in astrology. Nevertheless, because Saturn has such a strong force here, it?s almost impossible to hide it. Whether your sun is in expressive Sagittarius or charming Libra, if your moon is in Capricorn you may have experienced the following: People will accuse you of being secretive or too reserved. They?ll flock to you for advice, and occasionally thrust you into leadership positions without you asking. When you want to be alone, they ask you to take care of them. Even the adults in your life probably treated you as if you knew (or were supposed to know) better than them. And last but not least, you were often the kid who got along better with grownups.

In Capricorn, the moon is considered in detriment. Since the moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, it feels out of place in its opposite sign of Capricorn. Cancer is the mother, the nurturer and protector. Capricorn is the sign of order, ambition, leadership, and Wall Street- style masculinity (which can be just, ick). Here the moon sees feelings as a distraction. The moon in Capricorn woman could have delayed emotional reactions, or feel annoyed when people try comforting her. She might also be uncomfortable with her femininity or feel ashamed for liking things that are considered traditionally ?girly?. Depending on the rest of her chart and the house her moon falls in, the moon in Capricorn woman might follow her head more than her heart. She sees business as pleasure and pleasure as business. If something feels like a waste of time, she will pay it no mind. Getting close to her can feel as stressful as waiting in line to get on the VIP list at a posh club.

With what I?ve mentioned thus far, you would find it easy to assume the moon in Capricorn woman is cold-hearted. While she can definitely play the part when needed, or appear that way, she actually cares far more than you think. Behind the cool self-assuredness is a fear of failure and rejection. She can be extremely sensitive and tends to think others don?t understand her, even if they do. With the people she loves she?ll gladly take care of them, but she refuses to be a doormat. Her work comes first. A part of her has this innate knowing of humanity and understands how fragile life is, which means love for her, is to accept that nothing last forever, and can feel like an existential crisis. She can either be completely devoted, or avoid relationships altogether.

As a Cardinal sign and Queen of Winter, she spends her time plotting for her next crop. From young, the idea of success was instilled in her, usually because the women in her family were over-achievers, or because other obligations got in the way of their dreams, which often makes her want to finish what they started. Despite having a thing for tradition and nostalgia, this woman would rather be a pioneer than be like everyone else.

Because the moon is the realm of emotions, the Capricorn moon woman emotionally identifies with her accomplishments. She has big visions and can see opportunities others can?t, just above the horizon. Having Saturn as her guardian is her secret weapon, since Saturn rules time and anyone with strong Capricorn knows the best things take a lot of it.

Whatever her sun and rising signs may be, there?s always something about the moon in Capricorn woman that seems out of reach. She likes people who can earn her trust, not to play games, but because she sees the value in good relationships. For her, everything is measured in value, even if money isn?t the main currency. However, she?s got no issue staying alone if she feels someone might take her for granted.

Where she comes from

For her family, the Capricorn moon woman likely moved out at a young age. No matter how far she goes to build her own empire and legacy, she has high respect for her elders. It?s even possible she may have been raised by a grandmother or had a caretaker that was much older. I used to often stay at my grandmother?s when I was growing up, and we?re still very close today. She?s one of the only people who gets me and has had a huge influence on who I am today.

One thing this moon sign is surprisingly blessed with is strong intuition. That?s right, when mastering discipline, cold Saturn can actually teach you the ropes on how to understand energy. Occasionally, the Capricorn moon woman might doubt herself because Saturn makes her question everything, but in times of struggle, she can find herself praying and asking for advice from the angels or her passed on relatives. She knows the experience of age shouldn?t be taken for granted, and will make sure to pass it on to her kids. Even if she might not always be very affectionate, her love isn?t doubted. Her kids will always be able to count on her being their strongest motivator and guide. The only risk here is she might have high expectations of her kids, and will need to step back on asking them to excel at everything. After all, if she wants them to feel the warm acceptance she never did, it?ll be important she learns to love without judgment.

Work Work Work Work Work

When it comes to career, the moon in Capricorn woman practically crawled out of the womb ready to grab life by the balls. People with this moon sign are said to be old souls, and chances are- if you believe in past lives- that a woman with moon in Capricorn dealt with lifetimes of oppression. She can often have an attitude of, ?I?m coming for everything they said I couldn?t have.? If the oppression wasn?t past life-related, it could have to do with an authoritative female figure from childhood, or even bullying. Example, in the second grade I actually had a teacher who used to humiliate me in front of class for being shy and a slow learner. Long story short, I repeated the second grade and dealt with years of my own self-doubt. Whenever someone believed in me, I didn?t understand what they saw that I didn?t. I also dealt with the same attitude from my mother. Because of this, I spent the early part of my life eager to grow up, just so I could have the freedom to live on my terms.

Unconsciously, the Capricorn moon woman thinks being vulnerable will make her experience the same trauma over again. Because of this, she might disconnect from her feelings so they don?t distract her from what she considers important. She can find herself prone to depression and anxiety, especially if there?s any aspects in her chart that make her impatient to get to the top. Cue a song and dance on impatience from my Aries Mars. Ugh.

Whatever job or career path she takes on, the Capricorn moon woman will choose the one that gives her autonomy and purpose. The moon here is a natural leader, whether she runs her own business, or becomes an artist, director, manager, or matriarch.

The main risk here is to avoid burning the candle at both ends- which I sometimes do, trust me. Since this kind of woman treats her private life like business, she may risk taking her work home with her. Luckily with Saturn on her side, she usually finds she learns to have more fun with age, and may even make enough money to retire whenever she pleases- Not that any strong-minded Capricorn truly retires.

Love me, slowly

When it comes to love, the moon in Capricorn woman will sometimes literally take her work home- as in a colleague. It isn?t uncommon for her to have crushes on people at work or even meet a partner in the same field, which of course also depends on her Venus, Mars and Juno. This isn?t so much because she doesn?t know where to meet people, she just needs someone who can match her ambition. Also, her guardedness means it?s important she feels comfortable around someone before opening up to them. Capricorn can even sometimes give Virgo a run for their money when it comes to observational skills. So if she likes you, whether for friends or as a lover, she?s been watching.

For love, as much as it?s important to look at other placements I mention, many astrologers underestimate the moon. After all, the moon is how we emotionally connect, and regardless of whatever reputation Capricorn moon women have, they want to connect deeply. Things like sex, money and flirting will rarely impress her. Knowing how self-sufficient she is, she might have a dildo collection that could make even Scorpio blush. If she can?t fake emotions, don?t ever expect her to fake an orgasm.

When it comes to a partner, the Capricorn moon woman might be accused of asking for too much. What she craves as a dream partner, is someone sensitive and assertive, her equal. However she may feel emotionally suppressed or compartmentalize, which makes her afraid she?ll never get a person patient enough. She wants someone who can take charge once she comes home exhausted from a day?s work, but she won?t tolerate control issues. She needs a partner who can be nurturing, and who isn?t afraid of shouldering some responsibilities around the house. After all, she?s a feminist at heart. Mamas boys shouldn?t apply, unless they want to be scolded for being too ?clingy? and don?t mind dealing with a woman who can make them cry. She needs to know her mate takes care of themselves. In order to be truly happy in a relationship, the Capricorn moon woman appreciates strong intuition, since it takes a lot for her to share her deepest, even darkest needs. One song that can best describe her is Bette Milder?s ?The Rose?.

For compatibility, people with moon in Capricorn get along best with moon in Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer, and other earth moons (Virgo and Taurus). A person with Mars in Cancer would also be a great match long term, since Cancer Mars can be both sensitive and assertive, which is what Capricorn moon woman needs. Depending on her Venus, Mars, and Juno, if she seeks a relationship that brings out her inner child, she could also do well with Aries placements, but it?ll require some compromise on both sides, due to Aries being one of the few sign that can match Capricorn?s bold, stubborn ambition.

She also needs someone who can be her ally when the world becomes a war zone, since not everyone believes in her dreams. But never forget, she?s already brave enough to stand alone.

A woman with moon in Capricorn would do well for herself by meditating, since some of her best ideas and inspiration come when she learns to discipline her anxieties. She also should accept that needing people and being vulnerable are normal and what make her human. If she learns to follow her heart, this woman really can build the empire she?s always dreamed of.

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