Figurative Language in Poetry

Figurative language is seen in the literature, especially in the poetry where writers appeal to the senses of the readers. Through figurative language, writers usually use specific phrase or word to express something beyond the literal meaning. Sometimes, figurative language is used to present a comparison in the poetry in an interesting manner. The use of this type of language is essential when the writers want to give the readers a detailed insight into the subject of the work. The significance of the figurative language is noticeable as it allows the writers to relate to the readers.

Some examples are mentioned here.? The poorest man is the richest in terms of education, and the rich people are poor.? Hear the mellow wedding bells. (From the writing of Edgar Allen Poe.)? The toast jumped out of the toaster.? I?m so hungry I could eat a horse.

?The Raven? written by an American writer Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Burns?s ?Red, Red Rose? are good examples where figurative language is used suitably.

There are many types of Figurative Language.Metaphor: Metaphor is used in the literature to express a connection between two words and to represent a meaning which is not literally correct.Example: Time is a thief.You are a couch potato.

Simile: Simile is used in the literature to present a comparison by including the word ?as?, ?like?.Example: It is as clean as a whistle.He is busy as a bee.

Personification: Personification is the way to give human characteristics to the ideas, animals as well as inanimate objects. It is used in the literature to affect the way a reader imagines each thing. This type of language is mostly seen in the poetry, children?s books and fictional work in literature.Example: Opportunity is knocking the door.The radio stopped singing.

Hyperbole: Through the use of Hyperbole, the writers usually emphasize a point in a funny manner. However, it is an exaggeration and it is mostly used in fiction to explain the characters by adding color and depth.Example: You are snoring louder than a freight train.He is so dumb, he thinks Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company.

Symbolism: Symbolism is that when a word refers totally a different meaning than its original meaning.Example: when an image of the Indian flag is used to represent patriotism.When an apple is used to represent education.

Sometimes, Alliteration and Onomatopoeia are included as figurative language.

Alliteration: It is a sound device and the first consonant sound is repeated in several words in Alliteration. It is a kind of a tongue twister.Example: wide-eyed and wondering while we wait for others to waken

Onomatopoeia: Onomatopoeia comes under the sound device and in Onomatopoeia, the mimic sounds are used. However, it is used in the literature to add reality or fun to the writing.Words including whirr, beep, click, whoosh, zap, swish zing, bong, hum, munch, crunch, gobble ping, smash and others are used in Onomatopoeia.

Function of Figurative Language:Fugitive language is used in the literature to enhance the reading experience of the readers and it allows them to feel the same situation that the writers expressed in the pieces of writing.


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