Path of Exile Memory Eater(Shaper’s Orbs) Guide

Path of Exile Memory Eater(Shaper’s Orbs) Guide

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Below are some things that I have found about the Memory Eater(Shaper?s Orbs) in Path of Exile, it?s hard to get Shaper?s Orbs from the endless boss, although, I have a lot of Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb, which is come from, they?d like to support me. And anybody is thanks for visiting lead towards the precision of the data, just don?t accuse me of speaking the reality, I ended by using their word lengthy ago.

You can reply here should there be stuff you do not understand or any help associated with the search.


We?ll think that you are already acquainted with the fundamentals of methods the elder?s influence works.

Now, you have to make his influence achieve specific tier maps around the atlas, that a crimson ring will spawn around them, indicating that the memory fragment will drop in the boss.

Later on, individuals fragments should be provided to Zana in return for the related shaper?s orbs.

The map tiers you are searching for are :

T6 map > T1 orb

T7 map > T2 orb

T8 map > T3 orb

T9 map > T4 orb

T10 map > T5 orb

T11 map > T6 orb

T12 map > T7 orb

T13 map > T8 orb

T14 map > T9 orb

T15 map > T10 orb

T13 map protector > T8 orb

T14 map protector > T9 orb

T15 map protector > T10 orb

T14 map elder > T9 orb

T15 map elder > T10 orb

The maps in which the fragments spawn don?t matter, only their tiers.

I?ve not attempted on formed maps, but haven?t seen any effective report either.

An order that you gather the fragments does not matter, because they appear to pop instantly after you have both conditions fulfilled (right map tier & influence occupation).

However, it seems you are able to only get 1 fragment per map, so within the situation, you?re fulfilling the circumstances for multiple fragments at the same time, you will get the fragment based on the order specified above.

Although the first 10 just require elder?s influence to be the map, the final 5 furthermore require elder a treadmill of his guardians to occupy it.

In situation you do not know, individuals instantly spawn around the atlas when your elder?s influence has arrived at 20 maps (we?ll call that the ?wave?).

The place where they spawn appears to become a mixture of multiple factors (it?s highly suspected the initial location from the influence is one, and it?s true they have good chances to pop on greater tiers).

So, for individuals, you essentially need to extend the influence to T13?15 maps, achieve 20 influenced maps, and pray that elder guardians pop in the right places.

It could be a success or otherwise, you will need to kill guardians elder to begin a brand new wave.

So far as odds are worried, the very best place to farm is certainly its northern border-west quarter of red maps, and ideally the entire west side (4 T13s, 3 T14s, & 3 T15s on a single wave, though a little more technical).

Being an indicator, it required me 16 waves to collect all of the protector & elder fragments, though time continues to be smaller sized or bigger for some individuals.


When you are getting each fragment, I recommend noticing somewhere the map tier where it dropped, as well because of the map status (influence only, protector, or elder).

In situation you did not do this, to understand the orbs you are missing, you need to first find out the orbs you have, which may be :

allotted :

Look at your atlas, as well as for each map you?ve formed, subtract 5 from the tier to understand which orb was utilized onto it.

unallocated :

They can nonetheless be inside your inventory, or perhaps in your crafting benches.

Also, there are retrieved some from Zana, they must be indexed by her dialogue box.

Furthermore, your pursuit status may be one of these :

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You have not retrieved all of the first 10 fragments (those that require influence only).

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You are completed with the very first 10 fragments, and also the 3 protector fragments.

You have not retrieved all 2 elder fragments.

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When multiple maps of the identical tier and standing (influence or occupation) are eligible for any fragment drop, everyone has a crimson ring around the atlas, enabling you to ?decide? in which you obtain the corresponding fragment, after what all rings vanish concurrently.


You can gather the very first 10 fragments of maps opened up by another person, as lengthy because the maps possess the proper tiers, and therefore are elder-influenced.

Personally, I attempted to talk about my T15 elder fragment having a friend which had the very same progress, with no fragment dropped for him, and so I guess it?s reliable advice you need to function as the map opener during the last 5 fragments.


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