Feeling Dizzy? Coffee May Be The Culprit

Feeling Dizzy? Coffee May Be The Culprit

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Odds are, if you live in America and you?re reading this article, you enjoy a hot, or iced, cup of joe in the morning.

Coffee has been a staple of my mornings for years now and is partly a reason why I enjoy getting up early in the morning so much. The smell, the taste, and the jolt I receive from it are comparable to none.

According to Statistic Brain, of the estimated 100 million daily coffee drinkers, 60% of them say they need a cup every morning to start their day, 68% have a cup within their first hour awake, and 54% say coffee makes them feel more like themselves.

Odds are, if you live in America and you?re reading this article, you enjoy a cup of hot, or iced, joe in the morning.

What people aren?t aware of about coffee is that its also a diuretic; in other words, it makes you pee. As a result you experience increased water and electrolyte loss which then leads to decreased blood volume leaving you vulnerable to dehydration ESPECIALLY on a hot day or during exercise.

This decreased blood volume, or hypovolemia as its clinically named, can cause dizziness in addition to fatigue and even fainting.

Coffee can also wreak havoc on our insides if we don?t have a solid breakfast before we drink it. On an empty stomach, coffee can cause digestive problems making it more difficult to dissolve proteins, disturb our sleep patterns, cloud our thoughts, and even cause us to crave sugar ? probably why Dunkin Donuts can sell us on that .99 cent doughnut!

What does this mean for you? It means, just like you would pace your alcohol consumption with a glass of water, do the same with your coffee.

Water is crucial for optimal bodily function, it comprises 50?70% of your entire body weight and is responsible for a myriad of important functions and of them, maintaining high blood volume ? key for optimal athletic performance.

In addition, make sure you eat breakfast so you?re not running on an empty stomach. Water volume is also influenced by food intake which in turn will also help maintain high blood volume, further decreasing the likelihood you feel dizzy or ?lightheaded? in the morning and boosting your energy.

Remember, coffee WITH breakfast, not FOR breakfast!

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About The Author: Zach Newman, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Online Blogger

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