Difference Between Sapiophile and Sapiosexual : When You Feel Attraction For Smart People

Difference Between Sapiophile and Sapiosexual : When You Feel Attraction For Smart People

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To answer the question about what is a Sapiosexual we must take a look at the general definitions. But also go further and define the characteristics of a person who presents this type of preference. The sapiosexual is the tendency of some individuals to be attracted physically and emotionally to people who show a marked and superior intellectuality. In addition, it is worth making a parenthesis and focuses on the difference between sapiophile and sapiosexual. On the other hand, we investigate a little to understand the role of sapiosexuality throughout history.

Study claims that one in ten young people find intelligence more attractive than looks and personality. The author of the study, Dr. Gilles Gignac UWA from the school of Psychological believes this suggests sapiosexual is a genuine sexual orientation that exists in a small subset of the population.

Dr. Gignac said in the study:

?The emergence of the popular culture notion of a sapiosexual, an individual who finds high levels of intelligence (IQ) the most sexually attractive characteristic in a person, suggests that a high IQ may be a genuinely sexually attractive trait, at least for some people.?

SAPIOSEXUALThe sapiosexual refers to a person who bases his physical and emotional attraction on the intellectual level of the other. By definition, a sapiosexual is also a person with some intellectual basis, although this is not necessarily true in all cases. The word sapiosexual defines someone with a sexual and sentimental tendency towards people with higher levels of intelligence.

Characteristics of a SapiosexualYou may feel at this point that it is likely that you are also a sapiosexual or that you know someone who is. To clarify this point we leave you a list with the main characteristics of this trend. This way you can know with certainty what a sapiosexual is and if maybe you are one of them. You never know.

One of the main characteristics that define what is sapiosexual, is the search for the new. A sapiosexual does not conform to the old and known. He is aware of his limited knowledge and seeks to expand it more and more. The sapiosexual recognizes intellectual achievements as a superior feat and understands that a person with a high intellectual level can expand his world in a dizzying way. Excitation for the contents and not for the forms. Normally a sapiosexual is not a very superficial person. Physical beauty can take a backseat if the person?s mind is rich enough. Nothing more seductive than a deep conversation that gives you around the world in just a while, that constantly change reality by opening new doors in each word.

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Open MindedPeople with a tendency to sapiosexuality are really open-minded people. Enchanted with new experiences and knowledge. Not only in the relational field but also in the sexual sphere. Since it is presupposed within the parameters of the sapiosexual that fall in love and exalt with minds, regardless of whether that mind is in someone of the same gender or the opposite gender.

Delight in Readings and Intellectual ActivitiesIf you get bored listening to poetry or do not find it interesting that someone has PhDs or is a research scientist, you are definitely not a sapiosexual. A true sapiosexual can reach ecstasy with a well-known phrase, or reach the climax with a poem that moves its fibers. Nothing more seductive for a sapiosexual than an expert who speaks with security and property.

Live Outside the BoxSapiosexuals are usually people who also have a marked intellectual tendency. They do not just think outside the box, they want to live outside of it, far from social standards and the pressure of the empty and empty world.

Difference between Sapiophile and SapiosexualThe sapiophile is the marked sexual tendency towards individuals that present/ display high indices of intelligence. In this case, the intelligent person becomes the object of sexual desire for the sapiophile.The main difference is that while the sapiosexual can create effective bonds with that intelligent person. For a sapiophile, this embodies the satisfaction of his sexual drive and does not depend on emotional ties.

HistoricalAs we said earlier the term appears for the first time in the 21st century, but history also has its own version of events. It is worth taking a look back and discover the ins and outs of sapiosexuality in the history of our societies and ancestors.

EvolutionaryIt can be said in a certain sense that at an evolutionary level the human being has always been sapiosexual, this affirmation is based on the theory of the evolution of the species. Since that natural selection, those subjects that demonstrated greater intellectual skills were most likely to achieve reproduction.On the other hand, the use of tools is one of the main indicators of intelligence even in our time, who better use a laptop in programming and others is who has the advantage. Every caveman or modern man who uses the tool with superior dexterity will be seen by all and considered intelligent and sexually appealing.

SocialIf we ask ourselves what is a sapiosexual and what is its role in the development of civilizations, we will soon realize that it is in the backbone of the development of nations. This is because by supremacy those people with higher intellectual level managed to climb to important positions in both monarchies or nobility and in the republics. This always gave them an advantage when choosing a couple, being the smartest people considered the most desirable to be related.

AncestorsThere is ample evidence of civilizations that put the level of the intellectual development of a person as a priority factor in aesthetics. Leaving the murky of some of its claims, the inhabitants of ancient Greece were a perfect example of sapiosexual. For the Greeks, it was ridiculous and impossible to fall in love and feel the passion and true desire for someone who did not have a developed mind. An ignorant person was almost like an animal and did not deserve to be the object of desire. In this sense for the Greeks, someone who cultivated their mind and knowledge was someone who was improving aesthetically. That is why it is valid to affirm that among the Greeks, sapiosexuality was a very marked practice.

ConclusionsThe sapiosexual is the desire felt by a person, whether or not the opposite gender, due to its tendency to intellectuality and knowledge. It is one of the sexualities described today with a view to sexual and cultural inclusion and diversity. You can say that you are someone sapiosexual if you meet most of the above-mentioned characteristics. It is not valid to say that one is sapiosexual just to like someone intelligent, there are certain details that help us not to fall into this kind of generalities.

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