Difference between Nodachi and Katana

Difference between Nodachi and Katana

One of the most commonly used Japanese blades includes the nodachi swords. Recognizing the Nodachi for Sale is not hard. To begin with, the nodachi comes with the same resemblance in design and appearance as the tachi. The only distinguishable difference between the tachi and the nodachi is that the latter is much longer.

Traditionally, the nodachi was carried by the Japanese foot soldiers and was specifically designed to be a weapon ideal for the war versus cavalry. It was also ideal for open field engagements. The length of the nodachi is the main reasons why the sword was ideal for the open battlefields.

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Although these blades were rarely used, it was common to find the sword being used against cavalry. There are several differences between the nodachi and the katana. The nodachi blade is hard to forge while the katana blade can be forged easily. There is a lot of strength required to use the nodachi. The katana has several parts as compared to the nodachi.

The different parts of katana swordThere is no doubt that the katana sword is one of the dreaded and reputable sword in the Japanese history. The katana sword was longer than the Wakizashi and was more suitable for open filed combat while the latter was more practical for indoor combat. There are differences in parts of a katana and the nodachi

Here are the main parts that make up the katana swords:

Saya (scabbard)As indicated, the saya is the scabbard on the katana sword in which it is held. In most cases, the saya is made from wood. It acts by sheathing the katana sword correctly without injuring the user or even tarnishing the blade.

Sageo (belt cord)The sageo served a number of purposes that included tying the sleeves of the kimono and binding the hakama during confrontations. In regards to the katana sword, the sageo was usually tied into the belt or the obi and normally used to prevent the saya from slipping and being lost.

Fuchi Kashira (fittings)The Kashira is the fitting found on the base of the Tsuka. In some cases, it is usually ornate, in other instances plain but most often, it is considered the signature of swordsmith. This is also the case with the Fuchi with is found under the tsuba.

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