EUC Meaning: What Does The Popular Acronym “EUC” Mean?

EUC Meaning! Sites like Facebook Market and eBay have created a whole new type of lingo for people to learn. When you?re looking for an item, you?re not going to want to read a paragraph for each post you look at. It?s easier when you have a few letters that are used to describe the item. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the acronym ?EUC? with ESL infographic and example conversations.

EUC Meaning

What Does EUC Mean?

On sales sites like Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook, you often see people posting an item for sale and include things like the brand, the size, and the condition. ?EUC? stands for ?excellent used condition.? A seller will use this to indicate that the item for sale has been used, but it?s still in excellent condition. This usually means it?s only been worn a few times and still looks new.

Other Meanings of ?EUC?

?EUC? will primarily stand for ?excellent used condition? but on rare occasions, it might mean one of these other things:

Extended Unix Code

Everything under control

End-User Certification

Emotions under control

Similar Slang for ?EUC?

You?re most commonly going to use ?EUC? in consumer transactions. Therefore, you may also see these other terms.

Used condition ? the product shows signs of use but still works

Slightly used ? the item has been used a few times

Almost new ? hasn?t been used very much

FC ? Fine condition ? shows signs of use but not too much

G ? Good condition

GU ? gently used

MNT ? mint condition

NBW ? Never been worn

NM ? Near mint

Conversation Examples

Conversation examples using ?EUC?

Seller837 : Old Navy boots. Gray, women?s size 7. EUC. 2 months old. smoke-free, pet free home. $30 obo

Buyer081 : interested. Will you take $25?

Seller837 : yes. I?ll pm pickup dets


In this conversation, the seller is listing a pair of women?s boots. She provides important details about the item, including color, brand, size, age, that the home is smoke-free and pet-free ? which can often cause odors in products that haven?t even been used ? and price. A customer responds to the ad with a counteroffer and the deal is closed.

*?OBO? ? ?Or best offer?

*?PM? ? ?Private message?

*?deets? ? ?details?

EUC Meaning Infographic

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