Crazy Russian Hacker (Youtuber) Net Worth, Bio/Wiki, Wife, Age, Facts

Crazy Russian Hacker (Youtuber) Net Worth, Bio/Wiki, Wife, Age, Facts

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Taras Kulakov was born in 1987 in Ukraine (then) Soviet Socialist Republic, of Russian and American descent. He is a YouTuber, best known for his channel name entitled ?CrazyRussianHacker?, which focuses on scientific experiments and ?life hacks?. He?s been active on the website since 2007, and all of his endeavors have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is CrazyRussianHacker? As of early-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is at $5 million, mostly earned through a successful career on YouTube. He is one of the top 200 channels of the website, having accumulated over two billion views to date. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

CrazyRussianHacker was born in the Ukranian SSR and at a young age, was involved in a lot of swimming activities. In 1996, he joined the Ukrainian Olympic team as a professional swimmer. Eventually, he changed his focus and decided to start posting on YouTube which was a relatively new website at the time. In 2009, he then moved with his family to Asheville, North Carolina. While he hadn?t had much success online yet, he worked at Walmart to help maintain his net worth.

However, he consistently released videos, and eventually the popularity of his channel grew, along with his net worth. He started releasing one to three videos per day, focusing on various scientific aspects as well as life hacks. His subscriber count grew to the millions, and has now reached the 10 million subscriber mark. CrazyRussianHacker also gained a lot of popularity due to his sense of humor, as well as his Russian accent.

He also has other YouTube channels which supplement his wealth. His first channel was called ?origami768? which focused on origami tutorials. Later on, he renamed the channel to ?Taras Kul? which is a second channel that has reached over 2.5 million subscribers. He also has another channel entitled ?SlomoLaboratory? on which he works with his brother, later renamed to ?Slow Mo Lab?. His most popular channel ? ?CrazyRussianHacker? ? he launched in 2012, and has now uploaded over 1000 videos to it. CrazyRussianHacker has become his most active channel, with him posting demonstrations, DIY and testing videos. CrazyRussianHacker has been featured in various media outlets including ?Business Insider?, and ?The Huffington Post?. He?s also collaborated with other YouTube personalities. He also makes money running paid ads through his videos.

For his personal life, not much is known about CrazyRussianHacker?s romantic relationships, if any. It is known that he owns two huskies, an iguana, and an umbrella cockatoo, and is also an avid beekeeper. In another video, he mentioned that he considers himself Russian despite growing up in Ukraine. His brother is Dima Kulakov who?s been involved in his ?Slow Mo Lab? channel. CrazyRussianHacker is also very active on social media, having over 330,000 followers on Instagram which mostly showcases his daily endeavors. He also has a Facebook page with nearly 500,000 likes, and which mostly promotes his YouTube videos. He is still resident in Asheville.



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