Countries with the Hottest Girls

Countries with the Hottest Girls

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Which country has the most beautiful woman in the world? It might not be the first question to spring to mind for most travelers, but if you?re traveling to meet people and smash free from your comfort zone, it might be the most important. And let?s not forget that leaving your comfort zone and making genuine connections with new people is one of the most compelling reasons to travel in the first place.

Of course, there is no single ?most beautiful woman in the world?, so we?ve collected a list of countries for all styles and preferences.

So let?s not wait?

The Prettiest Girls on Earth are?

Greek Girls

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It only makes sense that Greece would have the fittest men and women on the planet. After all, Greece is home to the Olympics, to Sparta and to an ancient youth culture that?s going strong to this day. Traveling in Greece, you?ll see tons of products on the shelves packed with protein, and dozens of runners jogging the streets next to the Acropolis. Greece is probably the most physically fit country in the world.

And that?s not even taking into account the tourists who flock to Greece each year. The Greek islands attract the most beautiful tourists of any region on Earth. Head to the beaches of Santorini (but look out for crowds) to see topless sunbathers mingling with raucous club-goers and classy fine-diners. Or, go to the less-crowded but still-stunning Kefalonia to find a more laid-back vibe in its beautiful seaside towns.

Look out for our upcoming Travel Guide on Greece for more hot travel tips!

Ukrainian Girls

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Physically the polar opposite of Greece, girls in Ukraine have pale skin and fair hair. Also unlike Greece, Ukraine is much less obsessed with physical fitness than our Mediterranean choice above. But that doesn?t change the fact that Ukraine is home to thousands of beautiful, friendly people.

To find the most beautiful women from Ukraine try partying in KaZantip, named one of our Best Music Festivals for 2018. It?s not always held in Ukraine anymore, but it attracts a sizable and youthful Eastern-European crowd.

Chinese Girls

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There are 1.3 billion people in China, so if you?re traveling to meet new people, you couldn?t ask for a much better start. Of course, the massive number of residents in China means that you?ll be able to filter down to your personal type and preference when it comes to looks and personality. It also means lots of competition when it comes to meeting people, but if you are a foreigner, you will have a notable ?novelty? advantage over most of the locals.

You can meet all types of people and have many unique experiences in China. For a classy start, check out Beijing?s V Plus Lounge. Similarly, try upscale events, bars and clubs to live the luxury lifestyle for a few days. See if you can?t befriend some of the locals while you?re there, too.

Swedish Girls

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Sweden is known for a very particular type of girl, so if you?re looking for the platinum blonde type, well, you found your place (or one of them, anyway ? See Finland below).

Of course, Sweden isn?t exactly known for the lovely weather portrayed in the photos above, so you?ll have to choose the right time of year to visit. Temperatures only tend to rise to the mid-70s (for folks in the UK, that?s around 20C) during the Summer, and can drop to dead-cold in the Winter. That?s why a lot of folks from Sweden tend to travel out of the country during the Winter. Keep that in mind, and visit during the Summer for the best chance of meeting up with the locals!

Finnish Girls

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Don?t let the tropical vibes of those first two photos fool you ? Finland is no sun-kissed paradise (these particular photo shoots were taken outside of Finland). In reality, Finland is cold pretty much all the time. But still, there?s something to bundling up with a special someone under a blanket, hot cocoa in hand. Plus, it makes Finland?s drinking scene all the more exciting, since everyone?s just happy to be out of the cold.

Like Sweden, Finland definitely has a type. If you?re into that platinum blonde look, this is another country you should consider. If you are looking for more diverse options, consider?

American Girls

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Where better to find beautiful women than in one of the most diverse countries on Earth? In America, you can find girls from all over the world, including countries like Brazil and South Korea, which would have also made this list if we had more time.

The sheer diversity on display means that no matter your preference, you can find someone to share beautiful moments with. And because you?ll be encountering all different types of people, you can broaden your horizons as you travel.

The cities in the US with the most beautiful women are (in no particular order):

  • Los Angeles: Home to thousands of stars and millions of stars-in-training, LA is also the most sexually liberated city in the United States. Try the Hollywood neighborhood first ? it?s the most liberated and youthful of the area?s many ?hoods
  • San Francisco: With its year-round stunning weather and active culture, San Francisco has pulled the country?s smartest, most attractive women
  • New York: Easily the US? most diverse city, you can find anything in NY. Bar-hop through the different neighborhoods to meet all different types of people, or crash in a hostel to find the best local party spots
  • Miami: Home to Ultra Music Festival, Miami is also full of beautiful women and sunny beaches. There?s always a party in this city, but you?ll want to research the neighborhoods ahead of time to ensure that you?re in a safe area

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