Coconut Oil Pulling: Refined vs. Unrefined

Coconut Oil Pulling: Refined vs. Unrefined

Ancient remedies of coconuts and their oils have been rediscovered in recent years shedding light on the numerous health benefits that these ?fruits? provide to our overall well-being. Uses of coconut oil range from cooking, skin treatments, hair masks to so-called Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling is an ancient remedy that is best done with coconut oil. A person will take a spoonful of coconut oil and swish it around their mouth for 15?20 minutes. Long story short, the fats from the coconut oil attract the gingivitis hiding in all nooks and crannies within the mouth when the time is up, the person will then spit the oil out of their mouth taking the gingivitis with it. This process is known for many health benefits including whitening teeth, killing bad breath, helping build enamel and many more.

But one of the most important questions comes up during the time of the purchase; how do I pick the healthiest coconut oil? Why are there different prices?

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What is Refined Coconut Oil?

When looking to purchase coconut oil for any of the reasons above it?s important to select the right kind. The first choice is deciding which category of oil to use; refined or unrefined.

When searching a grocery store, or health store the majority of coconut oils will be refined. Refined coconut oil is usually odourless with no taste, having certain elements removed during the processing. This type of coconut oil is perfect for cooking because it can handle higher cooking temperatures. Refined coconut oils do not offer the same health benefits as unrefined, but are still a great source of fatty acids. Next, learn what unrefined coconut oil is and why we should use it for Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling with Unrefined Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil is more popular when focusing on the benefits of a person?s overall body. When examining a package of unrefined coconut oil the label should include ?virgin? within the name. The unrefined virgin or extra virgin coconut oils are made from fresh coconuts that only had the first pressing. This means that no additional alterations, pressings, or chemicals were added to the coconut.

Why is this important for Oil Pulling?

When creating our product at PerlaCoco we recognized the difference and researched ingredients best for our brand. We wanted to produce a high-quality product that would yield the most beneficial results for your oral health.

Perlacoco is proudly made with organic extra-virgin coconut oil (unrefined) that is simply pressed and packaged retaining its original nutrient content, color, and flavor. This oil is the best choice for oil pulling as it helps prevent acid-producing bacteria in the mouth otherwise leading to tooth decay and the corrosion of the enamel. The many micro-nutrients in unrefined oil help rid the mouth from these bacteria, also known as Streptococcus Mutans.

Oil Pulling usually takes between 14 to 28 days to attain dramatic results, however, many who have tried oil pulling start feeling a difference after just a couple of days. PerlaCoco not only whitens your teeth but also improves your overall oral health. We would love to invite you over to our page to take a look at our Mint flavor plans!


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