6 High Income Skills Anyone Can Learn To Become Financially Free

6 High Income Skills Anyone Can Learn To Become Financially Free

High Income Skill (noun) ? Any skill you can learn that can make you six figures a year without a college degree

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Are you like most people who believe a college degree is a prerequisite to financial success? Does six-figures or even seven figures seem impossible without a high ranking position in your company?

Recently, I was binge watching videos on YouTube, when I came across Dan Lok and Jason Capital. These two entrepreneurs are well known for teaching people how to develop high income skills that can allow you to escape the rat race and build wealth.

How would a high income skill help you become financially free or quit your job?

Money is made when you add value and solve problems. Learning a skill that allows you to solve a problem or sell a solution to a problem makes you valuable to people like business owners or your desired marketplace.

Here is a list of high income skills you can learn to start making $10k a month or multiple six figures without a degree:

1. Copywriting

Copywriting for those who don?t know is the art of selling through words or by definition ?is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.?

Have you ever heard the term ?sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.?

Don?t you think it minimizes the power of words when you can bond yourself to someone for the rest of your life with the words ?I do??

Words are powerful and they?re used everywhere to get you to buy products and services. Emails, direct mail, social media captions, sales letters, product descriptions that convince you to buy a product, commercials and other marketing communications.

To become a copywriter, you?ll want to find a suitable mentor online or offline.

2. High Ticket Closing

Sales is broad in that it involves more than just convincing or persuading someone to buy something. It includes prospecting, following-up, handling objections and closing.

Selling is a life-long skill that you can use to get the job you want, get a raise, marry the person you want, sell your product or service, etc.

Like Grant Cardone says in Sell or be Sold ?Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission.?

But, anyone can sell. Closing is when you actually exchange value with a customer or client. Exchanging value, meaning making a transaction.

High ticket closing is when you sell products that you make a commission of $1,000 or more from.

This might mean selling someone else’s product as an affiliate, selling a service for someone else or selling a service for yourself.

3. Paid Speaking or Platform Closing

Speakers are generally people who can add value to the audience because of their expertise or authority in a space.You?re paid more, the more in-demand they are and valuable your time becomes.

Paid speakers can also double as platform closers. Platforms closers are speakers who sell products or services on stages to an audience. Getting hundreds or thousands of people to buy a product can be a daunting, nerve racking task when you don?t know how to do it.

But there are people like Peng Joon or Russell Brunson who have mastered this skill.

At the 2018 10X Growth Conference hosted by Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, the co-founder of Clickfunnels, was able to sell $3,2000,000 in 90 minutes on stage.

That means he got paid more than Tony Robbins, Mark Cuban, Oprah Winfrey and even Donald Trump get paid for speaking, in 90 minutes!

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4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad niche that includes paid search or paid social media advertising, search-engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and email marketing.

Digital marketing agencies are a very popular way to start making $10,000 a month because you can charge business owners and individuals $1,0000 ? $10,000 a month just to mange their online advertising, help them rank on google, grow their brand and following and make them more sales using the internet.

To most people, having someone pay you that much money may be unrealistic, but teenagers are doing it every day because you can find plenty of credible mentors online who can teach you how to learn these skills or outsource the work on websites like upwork.com or fiverr.com.

You can learn through courses or even free YouTube videos. Just be careful, you?re learning from credible people.

Digital marketing is becoming a sought after skill as our world is becoming more and more digital and as attention is becoming the currency of our generation.

VaynerMedia CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk, talks about how every company, no matter what you do is a media company in this new economy. His company is one of the largest digital marketing agencies making over $100,000,000 a year.

5. Consulting/Coaching

Consultants and coaches who are able to get clients results are able to charge thousands for their service because their time is valued and their expertise is worth money when they can help a client see a transformation in their life or business.

Sam Ovens is an example of a highly paid consultant. He is the owner of consulting.com, an 8-figure company teaching people how to become consultants, with the mission to reform the education system.

6. Programming

In a world where currency, business, communication, talent, transportation and everything is becoming digital, other than robots, there are highly skilled individuals called coders or programmers who make it possible.

Evan Spiegal is the second youngest billionaire, after Kylie Jenner because he created a social media app.

Mark Zuckerberg also became a billionaire by developing apps.

Do you have to be either of them or have an amazing app idea? No. You can just work for them and get paid a crap ton.

Programming can be used to create websites, create software as a service (SaaS) companies, freelanceon Upwork, etc.

It?s a high in-demand skill you can learn in school or through books, free videos online and online courses.


There are plenty more skills you can develop. Developing a high income skill is about being valuable to the market place. Graphic design can be a high income skill if you develop your craft well enough to sell your services for high dollars.

Developing a high income skill requires time and energy to acquire the knowledge and experience, but has a huge pay off.

Find a mentor. Implement what they say. Never quit.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what new thing you learned and let me know if you liked the article.

Make sure you share it with any friends, your audience or anyone it may help!


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