Another Way install IPA file

Another Way install IPA file

Hello everyone, now we look every third party to install IPA file is almost get some error, it because apple has enhance their security reason for install IPA file (ex: cydia impactor not fix this issue, 3utools get some problem too and etc). for several new comer it can be confused or they will hands up for a while. i hope this tutorial will help new comer, if you are expert on this, please give me some feedback.

  1. using xcode

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it will help you if you are using MacOS. why using xcode to install IPA file ? because xcode is IDE for macOS containing a suite of software development tools developed by Apple for developing software for macOS.

how to using xcode for install IPA

  • go to menu bar, choose window and click on Devices and Simulators

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now search IPA file for install on device, i used DVIA for IPA file

  • click + on installed apps then choose IPA file.

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  • after that, you will see DVIA application installed on your device

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Note :

I was using iphone X ios 13.3.1, Iphone 6 ios 12.4.2 and XCODE 11.3.1, for some reason when i try using iphone 5 latest ios version it can not be installed IPA file.

This method can be implement on Jailbreak Device or Not

2. Using sFTP + Filza + Appsync

This method will help you if your device already jailbroken.

  • download Filza on your device
  • download AppSync on your devices
  • drop IPA file to your device using ftp client

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  • open filza and search IPA file droped on your device

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  • click IPA file and click install

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and wait untill installation finished with popup ?done?.

and see to iphone application success to install

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Thank you


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