5 Sex Positions for Deeper Penetration

5 Sex Positions for Deeper Penetration

It?s not just about his length

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I?ve learned two important things about deep penetration over the course of my adult life.

The first one is that before you go deep, you need to go long.

Done right, deep penetration can be incredibly pleasurable and satisfying.

There?s something really psychologically arousing about it. The deeper the penetration, the more I feel like I?m getting fucked really hard, and that thought is a big turn on.

But it?s physical, too. Deep penetration is incredibly intense, especially when it?s paired with some hard and fast thrusting. Getting some balls-deep dick makes it feel like the pleasure radiates from the inside out. Every stroke that pumps into me is fantastically satisfying.

And it isn?t about the length of the thrusts, either. It really is about the depth. It feels just as good when the thrusts are short but the cock stays buried in my pussy.

It is about the length of the foreplay, though. Because deep penetration doesn?t actually feel good for me unless there?s been a lot of buildup to it.

That has everything to do with the cervix. Some women love the feeling of a cock bumping up against their cervix and the cervical orgasms that come with it. Sadly, that?s not the case for all of us. There are plenty of women like me who experience cervix stimulation more like a painful jab than an intense jolt.

In those cases, deeper penetration is just uncomfortable and unpleasant.

The solution isn?t just to keep things shallow ? though that does work. The better approach is to make sure she?s horny as hell.

The cervix sits pretty low and can get in the way of your fun. But as you get more aroused, the cervix moves up and out of the way. That means you can go deeper without hitting it.

So before you decide to go for some deep penetration, make sure you start with lots and lots of flirting, teasing, and anticipation. Follow that up with a long round of foreplay, focused especially on her. Do all the things that get her really fucking wet.

And then still ease into it. Starting with long, hard, deep thrusts might be okay if she?s so ready that she?s practically (or actually) begging for cock. But in most cases, it?s better to start slow and shallow and build up to something more intense. That way, you can be sure her body is ready for it.

That?s the most significant thing I?ve learned about deep penetration ? and I had to learn the hard way. The other big thing I?ve learned is that it?s not just about the length of the cock ? it?s also about the position you?re fucking in.

There are a lot of positions that are really fun and pleasurable, but they just don?t let you get all that deep. And then there are some that just seem designed to get that cock as far into your pussy as it will go.

If you want some deep dicking, here are five sex positions you should try. These are the ones I rely on when I want to feel the entire length of my husband?s cock in me and make his cock feel even bigger than it is.

1. Kneeling Spoon

This is one of my favorite sex positions overall, and it?s the one that gives me the best deep penetration.

I?m a sexual little spoon. That means I love having a partner take care of me and lead me through the action. But I also mean it literally ? I love to lie on my side with my husband behind me and have a really good cuddle fuck.

But if I want to go deep, it?s best if I?m the only one in the spooning position.

I?ll lie on my side with my knees bent up, like I normally would. Instead of lying behind me, my husband will kneel below me and thrust into me from there.

Sometimes, he?ll lean over me, planting his hands on either side of me, and pound away. Other times, he?ll just keep himself upright and grip my ass and my thigh while he fucks me.

Either way, it?s a position that hits my G-spot extremely well, goes really deep, and allows for some hard, steady thrusting.

2. Bouncing on His Cock

I can get some good penetration from riding cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. But it doesn?t get quite as deep as bouncing on his cock.

That?s what I call it when he?s lying on the edge of the bed, and I?m standing next to the bed, facing away from him. I?ll sit on his cock, grab the edge of the mattress to hold myself up, and just start bouncing up and down on it.

And it?s a bit of a workout for me, but it works really fucking well.

There?s something about the angle ? the way we meet when his body is a little tilted from his legs and hips hanging off the edge and me standing instead of straddling him on my knees. It just hits deeper.

3. Bendy Missionary

Missionary has a bad reputation for being vanilla and boring. And it might be vanilla, but it?s still fun as all fuck.

It?s a really good position, and not because you get to look each other in the eyes or some romantic bullshit like that. It?s good because you get fucked at a really nice angle and your guy has a lot of control over his angle, speed, and depth.

And because he?s on top, you can take advantage of gravity to get some hard thrusts with a little extra oomph.

Plus, it?s pretty damn comfortable. You get to lie on your back the entire time and enjoy the ride.

But if you want to get fucked real deep, you need to make it less comfortable.

To get that cock further inside you, you?ve got to put your flexibility to the test.

Pull your legs up as far back as they?ll go. I like to throw mine over my husband?s shoulders and let him push them back. Your guy can also grab you by the ankles and push them back for you.

All that matters is that you don?t go too far. Know your limits. There?s no reason to end up insanely sore or with a pulled muscle ? deep dick feels great, but you should be able to get it without injuring yourself.

But with your legs up and pulled back, you should be able to get as much depth as you can from your missionary sex ? and you?ll never call it boring again.

4. Prone Bone

I like to have a lot of variety when I have sex. I love switching things up and keeping things unpredictable.

But I almost always finish with some prone boning.

I can?t resist it. It?s the best way for me to get off with my favorite vibrators while still getting some really deep, hard thrusts.

It?s also another lazy gal position, which I consider a perk.

Like the name implies, you?ll be lying down for this one. Specifically, on your stomach. You?ll have to push your hips up a bit and spread your legs a little to give your guy?s cock easier access to your pussy. But that?s all there is to it.

Once you get in position, all you have to do is lie there and scream with pleasure while he?s pounding you into your mattress.

5. Face Down, Ass Up

Any way you do doggy style, you?re going to get some good, hard fucking. Even if your guy has a lot of curve, you can work with it and get some kind of hip-slapping sex every lady deserves once in a while.

But if you want to feel like his cock has grown an inch or two, like it?s as deep as it could ever possibly go, you need to put your face down.

Instead of using your arms to hold yourself up, fold them together and rest your head on them. And then hold your ass up high for him to claim.

I always thought of it as a great position for dirty girls. Like, you?re presenting your ass to him, daring him to take your pussy and slap your cheeks while he?s doing it.

But it?s so much more than that.

Yes, it makes you feel a little more exposed. Yes, it takes some of the control away from you because you can?t thrust back as well as you could if you were propped up on your arms. And yes, it?s even one of the best positions for anal.

But if you ask me, the real reason face down, ass up doggystyle needs to be in everyone?s rotation is just how goddamn deep the cock feels when it?s thrusting into you.

If you?re ready for it, getting in this position practically dares him to fuck you as hard, fast, and as deep as he can.

Go Deep

If you want the deepest penetration you can get, you?ll have to use the right positions.

But just lying back and pulling your legs up isn?t always going to be enough.

Everybody is different and every cock is unique. You?re dealing with a very precise length, shape, and curve. All those features make a difference to exactly how you can get it in as deep as you can.

You?ll have to play around a little. Pick the right positions but then start experimenting. Make little micro-shifts until you find the most pleasurable angles.

All of these are solid sex positions as it is. But once you get his cock coming in at the exact right spot, it shifts into a mind-blowing deep dick-a-thon that will have you shouting so loudly it will make your neighbors jealous.

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