5 Lessons I learned from the “5 Second Rule” book by Mel Robbins

5 Lessons I learned from the “5 Second Rule” book by Mel Robbins

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I recently read the book called ?The 5 Second Rule? by Mel Robbins and the book was amazing. I have learned from it and it has led me to this point. I have applied this rule to my life and it has given me the courage to write this post.

The 5 Second Rule is a tool used to transform life, work, and confidence through acts of everyday courage. Several people all over the world have applied the #5SecondRule in their lives and have had amazing results. Because this rule works, I recommend you apply it and transform your life.

Now, I?ll share the 5 things I learned from this amazing book


This is the first and most important thing I learned and I?ll be sharing it with you. It?s simple and the moment you start applying it in your life, your life begins to transform. You can use this rule to push yourself, become more productive or influential at work, drive change and innovate. You can also use it to step outside your comfort zone, become more effective, control your emotion, battle addiction or depression, and lots more

The 5 Second Rule: The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must 5?4?3?2?1 and physically move or your brain will stop you

That?s it! Whenever you have an idea of instinct to do something, immediately count down from 5 (i.e 5?4?3?2?1) and do that thing. As soon as you reach 1, move. Do something towards achieving and implementing that idea of instinct. It?s that simple but not that easy.

?If you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed? ? Mel Robbins


Courage isn?t only about huge acts of bravery. We exhibit courage daily in little acts and moments. We face different challenges, struggles and moments daily that may be uncertain, scary or difficult. Whenever we face these moments, we do so with courage. We are getting courageous.

These everyday courage births in us a certain confidence that opens us up to more opportunities and joy in our lives. The rule helps you exhibit everyday courage. There?s no reason to hold back. All reasons you can think of right now are merely excuses. They are all wrong. There is never a right time to do something, there is only right now. You have to go ahead and do them. And you can do so with the #5SecondRule.

?You miss 100% of the shots you don?t take? ? Wayne Gretzky

You?ll never feel like it. Your brain will come up with plenty of reasons why you shouldn?t do it. But 5?4?3?2?1-GO and do amazing things. Start working on it, say it, change your life with everyday courage.

?At the heart of everyday courage is a choice? ? Mel Robbins


The #5SecondRule can help you to adopt a new habit. You 5?4?3?2?1 and push yourself to do it. You can also use it to stop a habit. Like change, it?s simple but not easy, and the rule will help you get it done.

Using the rule every day to achieve your set goals will bring about a change of behavior. You can use the rule to live a healthy life, exercise daily or eat healthier. You can also apply the rule to increase your productivity. By 5?4?3?2?1-GO, you can master the skill of focusing your time on what?s important and managing distractions when they come up.

Lastly, you can also apply the rule to end procrastination. It boils down to using the rule to push yourself to start the important things you need to do, especially when you feel yourself hesitate or doing easier tasks or avoiding hard work.

? You?ll either find a way or you?ll find an excuse?. -Mel Robbins


With the everyday courage gained from applying the #5SecondRule, you can beat fear, stop worrying, manage or cure anxiety and even change the way you think.As you act with everyday courage, your confidence grows stronger and you can use the rule to change your mindset about a lot of things.

With the rule, you can stop worrying. When you begin to worry or think something negative, 5?4?3?2?1 and bring your thoughts to something positive and exciting instead. Know that once you have mastered your mind, anything is possible.

?It?s okay to be scared. Being scared means you?re about to do something really, really brave. ? ? Mel Robbins


With the #5SecondRule, you?ll explore confidence and build it with acts of everyday courage. You?ll learn to believe in yourself, your ideas and capabilities. Confidence is created by the small things you do every single day that build trust in yourself. Pushing yourself to 5?4?3?2?1 on the ?small things? gives you the confidence to do the ?big scheme of things?.

Also, the #5SecondRule is a tool that can be used to find your passion. Opportunities will start to appear in the pursuit to find your passion and the rule with help you act accordingly. It?ll help you to push yourself to stay exploring and lean into opportunities as they appear, and you?ll be shocked where it leads.

Therefore, let your curiosity run wild and push yourself with the rule to explore that subject you are drawn to. Things will start to happen and small opportunities will lead to larger ones and then you?ll reach a point where you decide to commit to it or not. At that point, you have discovered your passion.

Lastly, with the #5SecondRule, you can enrich your relationships by leaving nothing important unsaid. When your heart speaks, say it. 5?4?3?2?1 go ahead and saggy it!

?All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them? ? Walt Disney

So that sums it up! Quite a long summary of the book.I?ll leave you with the secret to greatness gotten from the book:When your heart speaks, honor it, 5?4?3?2?1 and move

PS: You should read this book. You have to read it. There are so many awesome things I could not bring down here and it also contains lots of stories of people who have applied this rule to their lives and the outcome they had.



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