How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

How to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

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Are you looking to check your Hotmail junk mail on your Android device? Then this is the article for you because in this article, you will be shown methods and steps through which you can check your Hotmail junk mail on Android. You will also be guided on how to use the Safe Senders list.

Check Hotmail Junk Mail with Outlook for Android

The first means of checking Hotmail junk mail with Outlook for Android can be done with the instructions below:

1. Setup Hotmail with Default Application

You need to first set up Hotmail account using the default application. The steps below will serve as a guide, using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as an example:

Go to the home screen of the device and launch the app drawer. Here, you will see the default application, in this device it?s simply labeled ?Email?.

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Launch the app and open the list for email providers. Choose since Hotmail has now become a part of

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The next slide contains the button ?Select Service?; tap the downward facing arrow beside this button and from there, choose the option ?

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In the box that?s been provided, input your email address to be used for the Hotmail account creation

Next, tap the box for password page. Type in the password you desire to use and select ?Sign in?

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A list will appear showing all that will be accessed and processed once you choose to go on. To allow for the information in your Hotmail and email to be synced together, tap on the ?Yes? button

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An email will be sent to you through which you can retrieve your email with the Outlook application. Alternatively, you can choose to use the application on your device. If this is your choice, tap on the link sent to your email and do the syncing

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2. Tap your account menu in the top left corner in your Outlook app. Switch to the Hotmail account you just added

3. Tap ?Spam? folder to check all junk mails

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Check Hotmail Junk Mail with Outlook for Android

1. Use the Outlook Application for Hotmail

With the steps below, you can setup or add your Hotmail address on Android using the Outlook app:

Open the Outlook application on your Android, then choose the option ?Add Account?

The account type you should select should be ?Outlook? even though the email address is ?

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With the on-screen instructions to guide you, add the mail address and password and if a two-factor authentication is needed, ensure you follow through for security purpose.

2. At the top left section of the Outlook app, you will find the account menu; select it. Then switch the Hotmail account you just added

3. Tap ?Junk Folder? to check all junk mails.

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Use Gmail App to Check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android

1. Access Hotmail in the Gmail App

This is how you can access Hotmail in the Gmail app:

Launch Gmail app, go to the left end of the screen and slide open the sidebar

Do you see the arrow beside the name of your account? Well, tap it and choose to ?Add account?.

From the list of available setup options, choose ?Outlook, Hotmail and Live?

Setup the account by entering such information as your email address, password, and if you make use of it, the two-factor authentication

Give the app permission to gain access to your account by tapping ?Yes? when you see the prompt asking for such permission to be granted.

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Now the setup gets completed on the ?Account options? page. You can choose to maintain the defaults which also include new emails being checked after every 15 minutes

Your emails will be loaded from your Outlook account in a matter of seconds, depending on how bulky they are, then you can see your inbox.

2. Tap your account in the top left corner in you Outlook app. Then switch to the Hotmail account that?s been added just now

3. Tap Spam folder to check all junk mails

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How to Change the Spam Filters in Hotmail

Login to your Hotmail and select ?Options?. You will find this drop-down on your ?Inbox? screen.

Tap on ?More Options?

Under the heading ?Preventing Junk Email?, choose the option ?Filters and Reporting?

From the options of type of Junk Email filter you can choose, select the ?Executive? or ?Standard? option

Under the ?Unknown Senders? heading, go to the ?Block Content? segment and select the option to either block or show attachments. If you choose to block, then people who are not on your safe senders list cannot send you links, pictures, or attachments through Hotmail.

Tap on ?Save? when you are done with the editing to save your changes.

How Long Does Hotmail Junk Mail Last?

Any email you push into the junk folder or you set aside as spam is usually given a grace period of ten days before it gets automatically erased. Thus, if you have need for any email in your junk mail, you can still access it for a while as Hotmail keeps it for ten days before finally removing it.

Does Hotmail Junk Mail Automatically Get Deleted?

Although the ?Junk Email? and ?Deleted Items? folders get exhausted regularly, the servers still keep everything secure for a time frame of ten days in the folders before they are naturally erased.

Guidelines on Using the Safe Senders List

No matter the content your mail message, email addresses, as well as domain names are not treated as junk email in Safe Senders list

Try to add your correspondents and contacts to the Safe Senders list to ensure that their messages are always received in your inbox.

Examine carefully, which email should go to the safe senders list as allowing too many ?unofficial? domains such as remote ones, can fill up your inbox with junk mail.

You may not succeed in adding a mailing list to your Safe Senders list as the mailing list wasn?t sent directly to you but as a form of distribution that advanced the email to you.


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