3 Temporary Fuel Pump Fixes You Should Know To Start Your Car

3 Temporary Fuel Pump Fixes You Should Know To Start Your Car

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The drivers have problems when the fuel pump fails. Sometimes, the car does not start at all. So we have created this guide in order to help out car owners fix the car start issue with a failed fuel pump.

What Does a Fuel Pump Do?

The fuel pump inside the car engine performs a critical and important job. It is responsible for sending fuel to the engine. It is connected to the fuel tank and provides an engine with the required amount of fuel. This helps the computer to monitor fuel supply and make sure the engine is getting enough fuel. When the fuel pump fails or has some issues, it will affect the engine performance, which means your car would need fuel pump replacement.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump?

Before we discuss how the bad fuel pump can be fixed, it is of immense importance to understand the signs of a bad fuel pump. Only then you will be able to figure out what the real issue is and how this can be fixed.

Firstly, the engine will not get enough fuel as it requires when the fuel pump is bad. This is an obvious sign of the failed fuel pump and should be replaced. Secondly, the check engine light will be turned on when there is some issue with the fuel pump. Drivers should get the vehicle inspected. Lastly, the fuel pump will have an unpleasant or weird sound which also indicates its failure.

How To Start Your Car with a Bad Fuel Pump?

Before you start fixing the car start problem, you must make sure the fuel pump does have a serious issue. You need to know the signs of a bad fuel pump otherwise you may get things wrong. The following are tips to repair or fix car start issue.

1. Use Fuel Pressure Gauge

It is one of the widely used options when it comes to fixing the car start issue. Even mechanics make use of this method to fix the same issue. All you need to do is to attach the pressure gauge with the port of the fuel pump. The gauge will help you start the car with a bad fuel pump. Moreover, this method also helps identify the real issue of the fuel pump.

2. Apply Some External Pressure

When the fuel pump fails, it does not send fuel to the engine with the pressure required. It can be fixed if you apply external pressure. It will prove handy to start a car with a bad fuel pump. External pressure enables you to start the car but you will have to get the issue fixed later.

3. Maintain the Engines Heat

This is another option which is also useful to start the car in case of a bad fuel pump. When the engine heats up, the pump may stop working. That is why you have to maintain its temperature to bring the pump to its usual performance.


When the fuel pump fails, it causes the car not to start. We have explained the temporary fix for you to start your car, however, it?s best to get fuel pump replacement in these kinds of cases.


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