Getting Started with Traffic Junky

Getting Started with Traffic Junky

Advertising your writing on the worlds leading adult sites

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If you?ve not read my previous article about creatively marketing your writing online, you may be quite confused by this article.

Creatively Marketing Your Writing

There?s more than one way to sell a book

We live in a time when self published writing is more prominent than ever. Luckily for us, we?re past the stage where everyone looks down at us for it.

There was once a time not so long ago that all self published writing was seen as inferior and automatically terrible. This is no longer the case as indie writers all over the world now enjoy unprecedented fame and fortune.

This fame and fortune has of course presented a double edged sword. The more people that gain success at this craft, the more flooded the market becomes.

This means that you?re responsible for getting your writing out there and making it stand out. You?re the one that has to stand on the street corner and proclaim your work with a bullhorn and a defiant spirit.

It?s time to think outside the box.

Introducing Traffic Junky.

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Let?s get naked

I?ve been using Traffic Junky for a couple years to sell my books on Amazons KDP service. If your books are on Amazon and you?re taking advantage of Kindle Unlimited, you don?t have to worry about breaching the rules of KU. You?re free to market however you wish.

Over the course of my Kindle Kareer, I?ve often experimented with Traffic Junky campaigns.

Traffic Junky is fairly painless to set up, and if properly monitored your ads can produce real results.

Traffic Junky is used to advertise your writing on porn, online dating, gambling, sexual wellness and gaming sites.

Basically, they cover the most highly trafficked areas of the internet.

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Why would I go there with my writing?

The real reason why you?d go there is because you?re probably already there.

As I said in my previous article, porn sites garner more attention than Facebook, Twitter and Netflix combined.

Facebook ads can only get you so far, especially as they continue to free-fall in popularity every year. Porn has been popular since the dawn of time and isn?t going anywhere.

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Getting Started

You?ll need to create an account as an advertiser to begin your campaign.

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The setup is simple, and the Traffic Junky team is very responsive 24 hours a day.

Once you?re set up, you?re ready to begin your first campaign. Before you get started you?ll have to preload your account with money to spend. I sent money across with PayPal and had to wait about a day for it to arrive from New Zealand.

Keep in mind that for security purposes, if you don?t login for a long period of time, you?ll be locked out and will have to email support to be let back in. I think it takes about a month of non-activity for that to happen though.

Creating a campaign is fairly simple and user friendly.

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A big deterrent for some people is the minimum daily budget of $25.

It can feel enormous to pledge this amount of money for a daily advertising spend. I totally understand that, and if you want to spend less each day, simply login and pause the campaign once it?s spent the amount you?re comfortable spending.

You can always log back in tomorrow and resume spending.

Once you?ve chosen all of your advertising parameters, such as where you?d like your ads to appear and to whom; it?s time to move on.

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You?ll now tell Traffic Junky where your ads should direct your customers once they?ve clicked. You?ll also upload your banners onto this page.

The size requirements are very specific, so if you?re having banners made on Fiverr, be sure to be specific about the size that the banners need to be sent in.

Also, I recommend not approving the Fiverr sale until you?ve uploaded the banner and Traffic Junky has approved the size. If it?s even slightly wrong, the banner will be rejected. You?ll then need to go back to Fiverr and slap the seller across the back of the head until he/she sends it to you in the right size.

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The size dimension you?ve chosen to make your banner ad in will determine where it can be placed.

Most sites will only accept ads in certain sizes. I?ve noticed that the bigger, wider ads are accepted in more places. Smaller, square sized ones are much more difficult to find homes for.

Also, make sure your ads are no bigger than 300 Kb. This can be tricky, and may require you to re-export them at a lower quality on Microsoft Paint or wherever you do your high tech editing.

Once your ad is uploaded, it?s time to pick where the ad should be featured.

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Traffic Junky will automatically recommend its picks, but you?re free to ignore them and select whichever you?d like. (Though I usually go with their picks, because they usually end up being the best value for money).

Once you?ve chosen your featured sites, they will tell you the price per 1,000 impressions.

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From experience, this is some of the best pricing on the web.

Have you seen better? Let us know in the comments!

Sites that offer pop-up ads are the only ones I?ve seen with better rates, but I personally hate pop-up ads and click out of them the second I can. So I don?t use them.

This impression price means that hundreds of thousands of people can see your ad for a relatively cheap price (especially compared to Facebook).

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Be warned

This is not designed to be a hands off process.

As your campaign is priced per 1,000 impressions, it?s your responsibility to ensure that you?re getting the click through that justifies the expense.

It also means monitoring sales on the backend.

If you?re advertising your KDP books, you should be watching your sales dashboard and ensuring that they?re increasing with Traffic Junky clickthrough.

Make sure you know what each click is worth financially, then ensure that it?s translating in enough book sales to warrant the cost.

At first it can be difficult and stress inducing, but over time it truly becomes second nature.

If your impressions are not translating into clicks, your ad is not up to the task. It?s time to change strategies.

One strategy I tried was employing someone on Fiverr to make me a hand drawn ad. It became my most successful one ever!

(I?ve blanked out some of the writing on the ad because it uses very graphic language. Basically, it?s advertising the positive effects of my erotic novels on your personal satisfaction?)

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So experiment!

It?s going to cost you some money, especially while you?re learning the ropes. But I found it a very enjoyable journey, and actually moved some books.

One really successful campaign was advertising my erotic santa book as a gift for your wildest friends at Christmas time. Worked like a charm.

The main thing to remember is that we?re one in a million. It takes creativity and the willingness to experiment to stand out in this business.

So the question is? are you game?

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