3 Best Wifi Hacker Apps Without Root: Just Checkout Them in Emergency

3 Best Wifi Hacker Apps Without Root: Just Checkout Them in Emergency

There are times when you are in urgent need of the internet but your network is down for some or the other reason and you need to submit your work before the deadline. At such time, the wifi hacker apps come to our needs. We can use these apps and get connected to any nearby network for a while.

You don?t have to misuse these apps and use them only when you are in dire need of internet connection. These best wifi hacker app for Android without root download will allow you to use them on your phone without rooting it.

Let?s check out these apps now.

1. WPS WPA Tester

wps wpa tester androidSource: apkdone.com

This app uses a number of different algorithms that make it quick to deliver you the right password for the network that you are looking for. It works with non-rooted devices which is the best part of it and it is easy for anyone to use it. Simple download and installation procedure makes it easy to use.

2. WPS connect

wps connect app for androidSource: bosstechy.com

Similar functionality as the above app, this app gets you a list of all available WIFI near your location and then you can connect to them getting the password. There are various algorithms used by the app and with it, it gives you the password for the network that you wish to connect. As the name suggests, it works well with the WPS enabled routers.

3. AndroDumpper

androdumpper for androidSource: trotons.com

A really good application that you can use to check out what WIFI networks are available near you. You can select the network that you wish to connect and an algorithm will run and will show you the password with which you can connect to the network. This app is fantastic as it is easy to use and gives you the password in no time. WPS enabled routers can be easily connected with this app so you can install it and workaround.

So, here were the best wifi hacker apps for Android without root download. Just use them and get the password; make sure you don?t misuse the app and only use it when in an emergency.

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