10 Things Men Want In Bed, But Will Never Ask For

10 Things Men Want In Bed, But Will Never Ask For

Suggested by men, created for women.

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At first, when I began asking around to different men, sex therapists, and experts in the field what men want in the bedroom, but are too afraid to ask for, I expected to get a series of wild sex positions and unrealistic superhuman erotica, but what I found was far more intriguing ? though it did mention more blow jobs, but that should come as no surprise.

Here?s what men really want in bed.

Your Real Orgasm

Men are tired of women faking it in the bedroom. If he isn?t hitting the right spot to give you a leg-shaking orgasm then direct him to the place that will. Men aren?t psychic and just as we prefer a little direction when we are pleasing a man, they would like the same. Not to mention, a man knowing he made you climax is a sure boost to the ego.

Being The Little Spoon

Men find it difficult to express emotions; therefore, it is your responsibility to make sure your man is comfortable enough to ask for the little emotional things in bed that you might somehow surpass, just because he has never mentioned that before. One of these things includes being held.

Despite the stigma that females are fit for the role of little spoon, sometimes a man appreciates switching this up a bit. From the feedback received, being the little spoon introduces comfort to a man?s feeling and security. Though this won?t be something he likely opens up about.

Being Teased

Men love a good tease ? whether it be a text message, a sexy photo in the middle of the workday, or a voicemail to let them know you?re thinking about them in a sexy way is a major turn on for a man. The more you can drive him wild from a distance, the greater the build-up and we all know how good it can be when you?ve been waiting all day for it. Let them know you?re touching yourself at the mere thought of what?s to take place later on.

This doesn?t have to just take place while you two are away from one another either. Don?t you think it would be fun (even for you) if you were to walk around the house and intentionally brush your hand against his crotch, giving him a hard-on? Or let him get a sneak peek of what?s underneath the clothes you are wearing. Find opportunities for when he?s standing behind you to brush your ass against his cock. Imagine the excitement that will build up between you two before you even make it to the bedroom!

Being Told What To Do

Though a man loves conquering you in the bedroom, how many times has the thought crossed your mind of what would happen if you were to take control as the woman? Sure a man enjoys using his force on you, but the truth is, sometimes he wants you to try bondage on him, tell him what to do, and maybe even throw in a punishment or two for not listening. All of this will make him that much harder and find resisting you nearly impossible.

You To Use Your Hands More (i.e. hand jobs)

As much as men love penetrative sex, sometimes they want to be spoiled with certain things that you usually miss out in the heat of the moment. Hand jobs became overrated in discussion for a lot of people, but it seems there was no lull in the desire for them from men.

Men love hand-jobs ? in fact, they?d love for you to reach out and grab them with entitlement for the purpose of giving them pleasure. To spice things up, try waking him up with a hand-job, letting him know you wanted him mid-sleep and couldn?t wait a moment longer. Make sure you kiss him while you give him a hand-job, do not stop until he has an orgasm and let him do other things. If he wants to squeeze your breasts or grab your ass, let him. Make this about him, let him feel special.

You To Make The First Move

The sex scenes in both movies and in literature we read, have often seen men as being the ones to make the first move when it?s time to partake in sexual activites with their partners; however, this is a taboo that deserves to be broken asap. Men love women who are expressive enough to reach out to men before the man has to initiate. In fact, it?s often a surprise when a woman shows signs of wanting sex, making it a huge turn-on.

Surprise your man in a unique and sexy way ? look for him when he is busy and make sure to let him know how much you want him in that exact moment and be adamant. Do this effectively by dressing in something risqu while whispering what you ought to be doing to him, and watch the magic that occurs. If the mood?s right, you could just be bold and climb on top of him, slowly rubbing against his dick. You might be surprised at just how beautifully it will work.

Direct Communication

Although it is usually thought that men are the ones who both think about and talk about sex, this has been proven untrue time and time again. Rather this, men appreciate when you are able and willing to communicate with them exactly what it is you want in the bedroom and the things that you like. When you are able to do these things easily, it lets him know he can speak up and do the same about his. Once you have opened this can, men will openly discuss the things they?d like to see happen in the bedroom and the fantasies they?d like to fulfill.

You To Not Be Shy About Your Fantasies

Men get turned on by the thought that their woman thinks of them in ways that could be both different than usual, and sometimes even forbidden! Men love to know what things make you lose your mind ? just by thinking of them. Make sure to never shy away from your own fantasies, especially if you want him to share his. Let him know how just the thought of him touching you several places makes you wet, or how you love certain types of foreplay.


The last thing on the list of things that men want you to do is to be confident around them; however, this is more than just in the realm of sex. This thought pertains to both your sexual behavior and the way you present yourself in his presence. He wants your actions to exude confidence be it the way you hold him, touch him, kiss him, and respond to his sexual advances towards you. Confidence in undeniably sexy to most people and especially for a man to see from his woman in the bedroom.

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