17 Ridiculous BuzzFeed Articles

Oh, BuzzFeed. Sure, the website churns out some quality pieces. However, their clickbait headlines are an ongoing internet joke. I?m still sure every one of us has fallen victim to them. You have to give them some merit ? their ability to turn everything into a ?top 10? list or a quiz about ?which Disney Princesses are you according to?? is unprecedented.

Yet, the sheer ridiculousness of some of their clickbait articles can be dismaying. There are some articles and quizzes I never want to read. Except, I just did. Here is a list of the most ridiculous BuzzFeed articles I could find:

1. 15 Hedgehogs With Things That Look Like Hedgehogs

I didn?t know I I didn?t need this set of pictures in my life. Now, I cannot shake the image of a hedgehog next to a pinecone out of my head.

2. Which Disney Non-Princess Are You?

After the internet has made all possible jokes about Disney Princess quizzes, it was time for BuzzFeed to move to the next big thing.

3. 11 Delightful Poems Found In PornHub Comments

The only thing you have to know about this article is that one of the poem starts with: ?This girl has a marvelous bottom?? (Thanks, Pornhub rhymester Limerick_larry!)

4. 20 Slightly Incorrect Names For Food

Yes, I actually spent three whole minutes reading this piece. From now on, I?ll call pancakes ?pen cakes? and blueberries ?blumbos.? That?ll sure make me popular at parties.

5. Which Ousted Arab Spring Ruler Are You?

I hope this quiz is ironic. It?s high level of politically incorrectness compelled me to take it. According to my choice of resource to exploit and preferred social network to censor, I?m ?the underrated dictator of the pack?: Ali Abdullah Saleh.

6. 10 Signs Your Cat is a Wizard

The only cat I?m willing to accept as a wizard is the one from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I?ll admit one thing: they found some really cute pictures of cats.

7. 22 Celebrities That Look Nothing Alike

I didn?t know this was a concept until I saw the stark contrast between Idris Elba and Benedict Cumberbatch?s features. In case you didn?t know, they look nothing alike.

8. 19 Things Worse Than Finding Out That Beyonc Lip-Synched The National Anthem

The article ruined everything for me but Beyonc.

9. 20 Things That Will Make You Say NOOOOOOO!

In their defense, this is actually pretty funny. In their offense, why?

10. What Is Your Inner Potato?

My favorite inquiry here is ?Choose a 90?s R&B Songstress.? My least favorite one is ?Where Do Babies Come From?? and solely because one of the answer options is Oprah Winfrey.

11. The Top 10 Dumbest BuzzFeed Lists You?re Embarrassed To Say You Clicked

They went meta. Reading this is like watching The Truman Show, media company version.

12. 26 Face Swaps That Will Make You Ridiculously Uncomfortable

I have to give it to them ? the headline doesn?t lie. I never want to see a face swap between Charlie Sheen and Nicki Minaj again.

13. Can We Guess Your Age With Ridiculous Questions?

At least, BuzzFeed uses the correct adjective in this headline. What I don?t get is what?s the difference between this article and every other quiz they?ve ever published.

14. 16 Sassy Tweets From The Nation?s 16th Largest School District

Who are they? Why do we care? Well, students from this district are apparently willing to twerk and pay for a chance at a snow day. Real news.

15. What Type Of Fall Sweater Are You?

The only excuse for this journalistic crime is a slow day at the office. Or, the creation of the entire internet.

16. 13 Potatoes That Look Like Channing Tatum

Much like Jesus didn?t die for you to be lying to your mom, Channing Tatum didn?t star in two different Magic Mike movies for this article to be made.

17. Which Possible Illuminati Member Are You?

I was genuinely intrigued by this quiz. I got Tupac Shakur. Here, I blame BuzzFeed writers for a lack of journalistic integrity. We all now the Illuminati killed Tupac. He couldn?t possibly be a member.


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