Pepsico’s Aborted Cells

Yes and No

y mentioned, calling the claim that ?Pepsi uses material from aborted fetuses in its products?, a ?mixture? of ?false? and ?indeterminate?.

Snopes says it is ?false? to say that Pepsi products contain cells from aborted babies, but it is ?indeterminate? whether Senomyx uses aborted cells in R&D, basically because Senonymx will not answer the question.

But Snopes goes into great detail, citing articles from CBS News, Forbes, and Miami New Times, to corroborate what Senomyx really does. In fact, there is no doubt about it, so Snopes must change ?undetermined? to ?true?.

The plot gets complicated with the help of the Obama administration reported on March 5 that shareholders should remain in the dark, thanks to the SEC:

In a decision given on February 28, the American Securities and Exchange Commission (ASEC) determined that PepsiCo?s use of cells derived from aborted babies remains in its research and development agreement with Senomyx to produce flavor enhancers, constituting ?normal business operations?. The letter signed by attorney Brian Pitko of the Chief Prosecutor?s Office of ASEC was sent in response to a 36-page document submitted by PepsiCo lawyers in January 2012. In this filing, PepsiCo appealed to ASEC to reject the Shareholders? Resolution presented in October 2011 that the company ?adopt a company policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards that do not involve the remains of aborted human beings in both participatory and private research and development agreements?.

Boycott PepsiCo

Senomyx has since removed all its partners from the list, but has a screenshot. This includes Kraft and Nestl, future boycott targets according to c4l.

But the boycott starts with Pepsi. Brad Mattes of the Life Issues Institute asserts:

PepsiCo will continue its efforts to keep the controversy silent, but the pro-life community?s boycott of Pepsi products exposing outrage will not soon lose its strength. Here?s what I need you to do. BOYCOTT Pepsi products. Click here for the link that will tell you what they are. Contact PepsiCo directly by clicking here. Tell them that you are boycotting their products.

Let others know by leaving a comment on the company?s Facebook page. Post comments on your own Facebook and Twitter pages. The only way to stop this atrocity is if you and I make enough noise. Together, we must put PepsiCo in the spotlight and expose its willingness to make money from the bodies of aborted babies.


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