Eric Poff

Miles City, Montana

He just called my phone too. But he used this number to call me (406) 248-1610. I hung up the phone without answering it. But he left me the same exact voicemail as the rest of you guys. However I am not currently looking for a job because I have a buddy I work for in the summertime.

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Nikki McCallum

Prince George’s Community College

Wow… looks like this guy is really on a roll. He has called me 2 days in a row from 2 different phone numbers. They are both from California 510.957.3499 & 650.409.5094, I’ve blocked both numbers so he can no longer get through… unless of course he calls from a different number. He left a message on my voicemail stating that if he didn’t hear from me by the end of the week, he will assume I no longer want the job and give it to someone else… hopefully he is a man of his word.

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Diana Morton

I just received a message from this guy with his jobwithbob and to go to his website and fill out an application immediately because they only have 6 positions left. It was for Facebook too. Yesterday I had a call from some guy calling about Amazon affiliate since I’m looking for work fro home jobs. And then he asked me what my work status is. I asked him how that mattered and he said they are looking for a certain quality of people. And he asked me again what my work status is and I gave him the same question. He just hung up on me. I know it’s a bad idea to answer an unfamiliar number but sometimes I can’t help it.

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Ambrica Jackson

Front AttendantatQuality Inn by Choice Hotels

Thanks everyone! I also received a call just today. I don’t answer numbers I do not know. He left a vcmail saying I would be a perfect fit and like 6 positions left. I had been searching for LEGITIMATE home based jobs and obviously this isn’t one. Here’s a webpage that appears to have credible home based job opportunities: it’s not on this list then most likely too good to be true. Most legit sites have a tech support #, customer support #, offer paid training, even better have a refund policy now THAT’s risk free. Best wishes guys!

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Holly Rabbitt

Customer Service AdvisoratAT&T

I recieved a phone call just like that!

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Diana Morton

Pennyhoarder is good. That’s where I found Proofreadanywhere & learntobeabookkeeper and they are very legit and good people.

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Mark Doeing

Works atSelf-Employed

Received the call also. Laughable. They do have the ability to dial direct to your voicemail so thats a new twist. I’m sure they sell the same information that you can find free anywhere.

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Debbi Eaton-Davis

Kearsley High School

I got the same call, saying he knew I was looking for work and that he had only 6 spots left… Totally a scam… I thought he was calling because I have been on Texas work force looking for work. Not sure how he got my # but I think through that ( Texas Work force ) scary to think that these ppl have access to my phone number! WTH?? Stop calling me BOB!!

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Adele Orshak

Same……perfect for the work from home position……. 6 left……650 area code……blah blah blah

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Pamela Orias


Thank goodness I saw this page! Like everyone else, I received 3 calls stating he only had 6 spots left. Mine were also from an 866 number. If you don’t answer, he’ll leave you a message. DELETE!!! Thanks for having this Review site, before people actually get scammed.

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Lisa Duff

My calls from Bob are coming from an 866 number (toll free). He says its about workin from home for Facebook. What is he telling other people?

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Patty Harris Peters

Canton, Ohio

I got the same call about working from home through facebook too.

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Rick Weber

Nathan Hale High School

Thanks for the advise, I also got several messages over the last few weeks saying that I would be perfect for this position and there were only 6 spots left……called from a 650 area code………FYI

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Michael Glaze

Auburn University Montgomery

I did too. And it sounded like he was in the bathroom.

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Remi Love

Vista College Killeen


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Dana Semkiw

Elgin Community College

A scammer for sure! He acted like he knew me and got the same dumb recording about 6 positions left re: Amazon! Really stupid and a local number he called from! I always check them out first! So many scams going on in these days!

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