Why Your WiFi Sucks

Why Your WiFi Sucks

The cable networks are [finally] starting to increase speeds across the country as they build out their fiber networks, but most people are still not going to be able to take advantage of those speeds because of this one, simple bottleneck: The Router. In this blog post I talk about a couple of the reasons why your router isn?t cutting it, and then I?ll give you the solution to all of your Wi-Fi problems!!!

Please note that I am not a computer expert and I honestly can?t help you with 99% of the questions you might have about computer stuff, that?s what Jason from NEPA Geeks is for, go bug him.

Image for postWhy your home wifi is probably kind of crap.

Your Router isn?t fast enough

Thing is, most wifi routers absolutely suck. The ones the cable companies are handing out on ?lease plans? are stuck in the stone ages. The router may be getting super fast internet speeds but it is not able to send and receive fast enough to keep up with the growing number of wifi devices in your home.

Your Router is in a terrible location

It?s not just the router speed, it?s the location of your router that can cause speed issues. Have you ever noticed the wifi slows down in specific areas in your house? The reason is because your getting too far away from the router and the signal is getting weak.

Interference is destroying your signal

Most of us don?t live in glass houses, our homes are made of wood, bricks, concrete and all sorts of other crap*** that gets in the way of the signal our wifi router is broadcasting. Regardless of where you put the cable-company-provided router, depending on your homes construction you just might not be able to get good coverage without interference.

*** look folks, I?m not a constructioner builder person, I don?t really have a single clue how houses are built. I assume it?s magic.

THE FIX (or: How to make your Wi-Fi stop sucking)

After screwing around with router placement and buying stacks of ?network extenders? I was starting to lose my mind. That is, until Jason Percival from NEPA Geeks smacked me in the back of the head and told me to stop wasting my time and pick up a Mesh Network.

(note: Jason did not hit me, nor did he tell me to stop wasting my time, the dude is absurdly professional and will likely hate that I took artistic liberty in the above paragraph even with this disclaimer)

What he actually said:

?I get calls from people all the time about their internet speeds, and while there are sometimes genuine issues that I have to resolve, the problem is usually their wifi network. I have installed literally hundreds of mesh networks in homes, businesses and even one in my own home. I swear by them? -Jason Percival, owner of NEPA Geeks

I asked Jason which system he uses and recommends and he told me:

?Ubiquity makes a home-based wireless mesh kit that is pretty fantastic. I set one up for my house. The Amplifi HD?

Will a mesh network for your home solve all of your wifi problems?

I mean, I can?t speak for every single situation and I don?t want to make you any kind of crazy promises, but yes. Your wifi issues will be completely solved if you install a mesh network.

The mesh network solves every problem I listed above. The one I recommend, the AMPLIFI HD, has a main router and two satellites that you place strategically throughout your home to create a single, super fast network. Because it creates a single network, and doesn?t just create a stack of different networks like the crap range-extenders do, your devices aren?t bouncing from network to network causing interruptions and driving you insane.

It?s fast, can handle a ton of devices connected to it at once, and for the security minded it is crazy safe. If you use one of these your wifi will be nearly impossible to hack. It?s WAY safer than the garbage black-boxes your Cable or Phone company hands out.

These are an investment in your sanity.

The AMPLIFI HD that both I and Jason recommends is commercial-grade super high-end tech that is packaged specifically for home users and it is amazing. They aren?t cheap, almost nothing good ever is, but for about $300 they are the single most affordable and effective ways to make your wifi problems disappear.

The AMPLIFI HD Home Wi-Fi Mesh Router

Ubiquity AMPLIFI HD: http://amzn.to/2Hhrz2P

Image for postThe Ubiquity AMPLIFI HD wireless mesh network


Make sure you order the thing from Amazon using my affiliate link above (and below) Why? Because Amazon has a kick-ass return policy if you decide you don?t want it (but you won?t return it)

Ubiquity AMPLIFI HD: http://amzn.to/2Hhrz2P


Definitely contact Jason from NEPA Geeks if you want a legit professional to install the system or if you need help with anything computer or network related. You can get in touch with him here: [email protected]


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