Why is this being kept hidden, you ask? I’ll tell you why — cause the TRUTH is so SHOCKING that it just might “set you free!”

Why is this being kept hidden, you ask? I’ll tell you why — cause the TRUTH is so SHOCKING that it just might “set you free!”

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Longtime readers of the QUANTUM CONSPIRACY are well-versed with the importance of Antarctica in the lore of the mysterious lost ancient civilization known as Quatria. But what they don?t know may surprise you!

I dare you to watch this stunning news documentary to find out the TRUTH for yourself!

The ground is softening. Something is shifting in Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry Valleys

Though just a 30-minute trek from the field hut basecamp, it looks like he’s hiking on Mars – a small glacier-fed?


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What on earth could be so strong as to cause the ground itself to liquefy, you might ask?

The answer is quantum phase-shifting, also known as the Quantum Ripple Effect.

Aircraft spies gravity waves being sucked into Antarctica’s polar vortex

The Southern Ocean is famously stormy, home to waves taller than telephone poles. Yet 50 kilometers overhead, the?


Image for postWhat AREN?T they telling us??

In the last few days, there has been a tremendous amount of confusing, contradictory articles published by various news sites as the MSM scrambles to ?keep its story straight? about the changes happening in Quantarctica:

Argentine scientists discover one of the last living dinosaurs | Watch News Videos Online

Watch Argentine scientists discover one of the last living dinosaurs Video Online, on GlobalNews.ca


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Another anomalous news artifact that I?m sure will be erased as soon as they catch wind of their mistake:

Scientists discover 1st evidence of 40-million-year-old Antarctic civilization | CBC Radio

Transcript Swedish paleontologists looking through ancient sediment have made a surprising discovery – part of a?


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Ask yourself: are these typos that didn?t get caught before going to print ? or something ?more?? You be the judge! There are so many that the ?evidence? is simply overwhelming!

This is why snow is turning green in Antarctica

Green snow created by blooming algae in the Antarctic Peninsula is likely to spread as temperatures increase as a?


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One more shocking find!

Global Warming Is Causing Antarctica’s Snow To Turn Green. Here’s Why

Global warming is changing the face of this planet, forcing environmental changes indicative of larger problems at?


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While these articles assert that Antarctica hasn?t been green and lush for about the past five hundred years or so (when it separated from the continent of Arctica), we know the truth is much, much stranger.

The lush forests of … Antarctica? – Macleans.ca

Giant conifers and tree ferns grew in the swampy terrain, towering over a thick understorey of flowering shrubs. The?


Quatria was an ancient global civilization whose capital was in Antarctica, which was then covered by lush forests?Signs of the ancient Quatrian civilization returning are all around us

You know what they say ? the more things change, the more they ?stay the same!?

I know this all sounds ?crazy? but I swear I?m not just making this up. I?ve done a lot of research, and everything points to something major happening ?down there!?

Meet Supercontinent Pangaea Proxima-in 25 Years

This story appears in the June 2018 issue ofNational Geographic magazine. The continents are in constant motion?


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That?s right, Antarctica, a.k.a. Quantarctica is turning back into what it once and always was: the globe-spanning super-continent of Pantarctica. And it?s all because of humanity?s foolish use of matter-wave technologies, which is the same thing that proved to be the undoing of the original Quatrian civilization so many millions of years ago.

What is the Hieruthian Hypothesis?

The Hieruthian Hypothesis supposes that the End Permian Mass Extinction Event was caused by a catastrophic temporal?


But you don?t have to take my word for it. Quantum mechanics long ago PROVED all of this and more!

Counterfactual definiteness

In quantum mechanics, counterfactual definiteness ( CFD) is the ability to speak “meaningfully” of the definiteness of?


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