What is the meaning of standard room in hotel?

What is the meaning of standard room in hotel?

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The rooms of the hotel are classified according to the number of beds in them, their size and their range of facilities. Prices of rooms in every hotel are different depends upon their convenience. There are the top three basic categories of the room for the hotel; on their based the hotel rooms are divided: Standard, Family Rooms and Suites. The category depends on the both big and small hotels. The big hotels make their own room categories by offering spa nearby rooms, which is called ?Spa elite rooms?. On another hand, the ?Pure? rooms are fashioned by using hypoallergenic materials.

The hotels offer different types of the layout according to the needs and convenience of all their guests. In almost all types of rooms, the most basic accommodation and amenities include the following types:

  • Beautiful bed ? King or queen size.
  • Stunning bathroom ? furnished with exclusive toiletries.
  • Essential furniture ? beautiful chair, desk, table, dressing table, cupboard etc.
  • Electronic items ? TV, DVD players, AC, Telephone, digital alarm clock etc.

Types of rooms

1. Standard Room

A standard room comes in the category of the hotel?s cheapest room. It is a type of single room, which has a king-size bed, or as two beds ? this room is decorated with two queen-size beds. A standard room includes all kinds of basic facilities such as a table, chair, desk, cupboard, dressing table, DVD player, television, telephone, coffee maker and a private bathroom. Offerings other amenities in the standard room also depend on the type of hotel. For the example, two-star hotels can provide slightly more than the basics. The standard rooms of a five-star hotel include flat-screen TVs, separate bars, expensive bath tubs and designer interior decoration in the room. The Hotel Marble City has been equipped with all these facilities in all standard rooms.

2. Moderate Room

Normally, this room is slightly better than the standard room. The Moderate Room offers a stunning view and seamless comfort compared to the standard rooms. It can include the semi-double beds in the room. Each room of moderate room can be converted into a twin room with an extra bed. This room is designed to stay the extra number of people such as business or sightseeing travelers. The room is furnished with all luxury items such as television, telephone, AC, DVD player, table, chair, almirah, private stunning bathroom (with shower, bath module and all signature toiletries). There may be additional amenities such as trouser press, safety box, hair dryer, kettle and air purifier with humidifier function etc.

3. Deluxe Room

As the name describes ?Deluxe?, in this room view, location, advanced furnishings, decorations and shapes are deluxe in every way. Some hotels include additional amenities in these rooms such as a large writing desk, flattering flowers, upgraded bathroom and beautiful bathrobes. This room maximum comes in 4- and 5-star categories. Their facilities also depend on the types of hotels. Each and every facility of a deluxe room, you can take in the hotel in bhedaghat Jabalpur.

4. Family Room

This room is designed to accommodate the families and family members. Some hotels provide family rooms with three or more beds. This one can accommodate three queen-size beds in a room, therefore it is also known as a triple room. Family rooms also provide spacious seating areas, which are doubled as a sleeping place, when the sofa exists on the bed. Some hotels offer bunk beds for the children. Family rooms are more commonly found in suits because they can accommodate many beds. There are maximum numbers of family rooms provided by the marvelous hotel in bhedaghat.

5. Suite

A suit is like a subtle apartment inside the hotel. Apart from this, it is also called a deluxe room. The suit is much larger as compared to the standard room. There are bedrooms, living areas and kitchens can also be there. Suits are designed for use by merchants and families who live in hotels for an extended period of time. There are two type of splendid suit to stay, which are presidential and executive suite. These rooms are much spacious with excellent views and exclusive amenities. The suits are the most expensive rooms than the standard room, moderate room and family room in the hotel. The suit is one of the favorite choices as room to stay by the guest in a 5-star hotel in Jabalpur.


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