Why is my HP Printer not printing Black Ink?

Why is my HP Printer not printing Black Ink?

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This is a very common issue that your HP printer is not able to print black ink when you give a command for print. To solve the issue, you search the problem on Google and try to resolve the HP Printer Won?t Print Black ink issue and go to several printer forums, but unfortunately, nothing is helpful. At that moment, you can contact at our HP Printer Support Phone Number USA and get the help of technical executives who can provide a reliable solution in least possible time. We offer some effective solutions, all you need to do is to follow our instructions and your printer will start working properly.

Easy Steps to Troublesome these issues

The users can follow these troubleshooting steps in order to find the cause of the problem.

Method 1: Clean the Printhead of the HP Printer

Select a Clean Printhead option from a Printer Maintenance menu from the control panel. The page showing some pattern output for various colors.

Method 2: Solve the issue through HP Print and Scan Doctor

Go to the official page of HP and install HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Click Start and select a print fixing option.

Method 3: Replace the cartridge as the issue may occur due to low ink

Check the level of the ink when the printer stops printing black ink. You should replace the black ink cartridge as it has very low ink remaining on it.

Method 4: Open the Printer Troubleshooter

Run the troubleshooter and select your HP Printer model in the troubleshooter window.

Method 5: Align the Printhead of the HP Printer

Many times it may be possible that your printer is not printing black ink as it has not been calibrated. So, selecting Align Printhead will calibrate the printer and print an alignment page.

In case, when your HP printer not printing black ink is still not solved after following these steps, then take the help of our HP Printer Technical Helpline Number USA +1?833?2285228. Our team of experts will guide you the complete procedure in some easy steps so that your issue will be solved completely.


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