Bleach Brave Souls: Tips for beginners

Bleach Brave Souls: Tips for beginners

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I want to start by saying, I?m one of those mobile gamers with dynamic game library. I constantly like to explore, play a game to its full extent, delete and start finding the next. When I came across BBS(being a Bleach anime/manga fan), I was kinda impressed by the game with its crisp graphics, hack ?n? slash model and what not. But what really impressed me about this game was the awesome community they have on reddit, twitter and discord. Especially after reaching 24 million downloads worldwide(on 20 Sept 2017), I am really impressed how this huge community has managed to survive without becoming toxic and falling off. It also provides constant updates of any upcoming events. Very polite moderators/players honestly sharing & respecting others opinions. It?s a beauty to watch a community flourish at this level.

Now, let?s dive straight into the tips I wanted to share for players who have recently started this game.

Build your team wisely

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When building your team, make sure you take into account the attribute weaknesses along with covering up for each other?s low stats to make a more balanced team altogether. Maxing a character is not that easy as you already know. It involves a lot of grinding and farming so don?t build a team blindly based on random 5* characters you pull from tickets/banners. You could additionally have a look at the Team effects list and build accordingly to form a great team synergy. If your building a PvP team, you would want to spread out your strengths so your team has an advantage no matter which character composition the opponent has. Also its easier to farm materials for different characters if you have the corresponding weakness advantage. A small description of each stat is mentioned below:

  • STA ? hit points
  • ATK ? normal attack damage(big blue button); to a smaller degree also strong attack(other small blue/red buttons around big blue) and to a very small degree special move damage(purple button)
  • DEF ? damage received
  • FCS ? critical hit chance
  • SP ? strong attack and special move damage

Don?t spend your orbs on every banner(gachas)

Like any other game developer, KLab does a very good job at tempting the players to spend their valuable resources(orbs and $$) on characters. Just like gambling, you tend to spend more when you lose(or in this case, when you don?t get the character you expected).

Firstly, follow the community pages mentioned above for any updates for upcoming gacha events. Reddit page for all upcoming gachas. Secondly, few of these events have ?double chance to get a 5*? or ?5% chance to get 5*? etc. Target these particular events/characters to slowly build yourself a good team(as per the first tip). Until then simply farm your orbs and ignore the other gachas because you would need a hell lot of them to try your luck and get a decent 5* character(frankly, just pray to RNGesus and hope for the best).

All pools will also contain a selection of 3* and 4*. You can see all cards in each pool by clicking on the (i) in the top right corner of the banner in the shop and selecting ?Details? on the new page.

This also takes me to my next tip which is?

Best sources of orbs

Trust me when I say this, orbs are very easy to farm at the beginning of the game. Once you have completed all the story quests on all difficulties, you can hardly get 20?25 orbs per day. So finish those story quests on all difficulties to farm yourselves some orbs. You can easily farm about 300+ orbs per day with story quests alone.

Co-op too can yield up to 500+ orbs. You get 3 orbs for each new player you match up with during a co-op quest. A beginner could almost definitely earn 9 orbs per match! So yeah ? you can get a lot from co-op(read the co-op tips below). Additionally this co-op orb yield resets at the start of every year!

Same goes with any new in-game events. Developers launch new events very frequently and these are excellent source of orbs and moreover you get decent resources & characters for completing them so finish them before they expire.

Maxing a character for the first time gives you some considerable amount of orbs. Here are the details:

  • Max level 150 6? Character = 75 Spirit Orbs
  • Max level 100 5? Character = 50 Spirit Orbs
  • Max level 70 4? Character = 35 Spirit Orbs
  • Max level 60 3? Character = 25 Spirit Orbs
  • Max level 50 2? Character = 10 Spirit Orbs
  • Max level 40 1? Character = 5 Spirit Orbs

So keep a copy of each card and max them when you get a chance. You can make use of events like ?Kon?s Bonanza?, it gives you a good amount of exp and also drops 4* character on every quest which could be used as fodder.

How do I get from 5? to 6? (Awakening)

There are 2 requirements for this :

  1. You need to max out your character. Which includes getting 100% on your soul tree AND leveling up the character to 150. You?ll know it?s maxed when you get the green color on the level.

2. You will also need 3 hogyokus(for frenzy or medal characters its 5). You can get this as a rare drop from Kisuke?s or Yoruichi?s training quests. If you are grinding these levels it shouldn?t actually be that hard to get few. You can also get this as part of your weekly orders or you could also purchase them from the PvP medal exchange.

Once you?ve met these 2 requirements, goto your character detail screen and tap on the ?Evolve? button and ?.. Awakening!!

After strengthening/ascending, always first max your middle branch of the soul tree(one that increases your level cap). This way the character would start leveling up while you?re grinding to upgrade other parts of the soul tree.

How do I get my 6? to level 200 (Releasing)

Once you awaken a character to 6*, the character?s soul tree will reset to 0% and level 1. You need to again grind your way and level the character upto level 150. The process remains the same except this time you will need characters along with resources to upgrade the soul tree.

strengthen > upgrade the soul tree > level up the character to max

Onced maxed, you would now need 3 hogyoku-wills. These are super rare but can be found as rare drops in 5* raids. For a more reliable/best source, I would suggest completing the weekly order ? ?complete 30 daily orders in a week? to get one hogyoku-will. 30 daily orders in a week is very much doable. You also get 1 hogyoku-will by maxing any previous character to level 200 for the first time (though this is not a very reliable source).

Co-op tips(Play as a team)

First and foremost, I would start by saying –

Please skip your character?s special animation in coop

Everybody in the room just wants to finish the raids quick and move on to the next. So trust me when I say, players would be thanking you for skipping it. If you really want to see the whole animation, use single player quests.

Know when your team can or cannot finish a quest. For example if you?re going for a lvl 140+ raids(which is hard even for a fully maxed out character), make sure you have atleast one of these advantages ? either 2 or more attribute advantages OR all the characters are maxed out AND/OR not in auto-play mode. So basically even before the quest starts you should be able to judge whether your team can make it or not.

Being a beginner, don?t try to take on higher level raids. You would mostly be wasting others time by dying too quick and losing the quests for others as well.

Switch characters before the quest starts. If you have a decent character with the attribute weakness, use it to clear the quest easily.

If you die in a co-op quest, don?t just quit! You can still be a part of the quest by watching till the end. You will get all the materials your team has collected including raid points.

Play as a team and let players who need the heal/soul bomb take them. Don?t pounce on a heal when you have almost full health. Another low health player who needs that heal can make all the difference for your team. Same goes for characters with very high special move damage, let them take the soul bomb. Remember your goal is to win the match as a team & not to show your the boss which could drag your team down and you all end up losing the match.

Low on coins?

Do the Kisuke?s coin event on the weekend, it nets ~45k per run. By adding coin links you can get well over 100k per run.

The Kon?s bonanza event each day too yields considerable amount of coins(~10k). When does it occur on global?

  • 03:00?05:00 UTC
  • 08:00?10:00 UTC
  • 13:00?15:00 UTC
  • 17:00?19:00 UTC
  • 22:00?00:00 UTC

Lastly, of course you can also sell your accessories, surplus materials or dupe low stared characters. Though I don?t recommend this since low level accessories could be used to upgrade higher accessories

Battery drain issue?

This game drains battery like crazy. Even if the device is plugged in for charging, it wouldn?t last long. Turn off the smooth mode(Settings > Options) to prevent this extra drain.

What should I do with 5? dupes?

If a dupe character has a good character-link, use it as a link or else you can feed the dupe to your original character to upgrade the special move!

You can feed a dupe character to upgrade the special move even if the original character is ascended to the max. Normal cases you can?t, it would say the character is already ascended to the max.

Each upgrade increases the power by 25%, meaning a 5/5 special is twice as strong(200%).

Complete challenge and daily orders

Daily orders are pretty much obvious, these are very good source of orbs, tickets and other super valuable items like hogyoku wills(obtained if you complete 30 daily orders in a week).

Challenge orders on the other hand also give you some handsome rewards which will surely boost your team progress. So make sure you don?t ignore them.

Bonus effects from character-links & accessories

Like characters, accessories have their own attributes. Aim to match the attribute of the accessory to that of your character. This will yield a double bonus effect. Example, 10% Stamina gain effect will now give 20%.

Bonus effect on character-links on the other hand are a bit more complex. If a ?base character? is linked to another character of same attribute, then the ?base character? will get stats bonus(not a soul trait bonus) from the ?linked character? ONLY IF:

  • that character link slot is upgraded(1% stat bonus for each level)
  • ?linked character? must be 6* with atleast 100% on soul tree.

Let me tell you upgrading link slots is no easy task, the potions needed to upgrade the link slots are extremely hard to farm. To start with upgrading slots you need to have progressed much further in the game and involves having arsenal of maxed characters with maxed accessories. For a beginner I strictly don?t recommend concentrating on link slots. Though there is no harm in knowing about it.

I highly recommend beginners to stay clear of upgrading link slots for now.

Ignoring bonus effect of character-links, how does a normal character-link stack ? ? Say you have a character with base attack as 500 and you have a soul trait of 20% normal attack damage(NAD). The total damage would be 500+(0.20×500) which is 600. Now if you add a character-link of say 15% NAD to this character your new additional damage would cumulatively be added to the base damage. So the new total would add 35%(20+15) ie. 500+(0.35×500) which is 675.

List of all your cumulative effects can be viewed by tapping the ?effects list? button on the top right corner in character details screen. This includes cumulative effects from soul tree, soul trait, character-links and accessories.

Note: % based effects do not show up on the stats but gets applied only on the field. In other words the stats you see on the character details screen excludes any % based effect but you can still view how much will be applied on the field using the effects list button(top right corner in character details screen).

This takes me to the next tip which is?

Keep track of frenzy characters

Frenzy characters as you know are mostly farmed for their dual & powerful links. Although nothing stops you from adding them to your main team, try not to(unless they are exceptionally amazing) because they require extra hogyokus/wills to upgrade(like these are not rare enough already).

When it comes to links though nothing gets better than frenzy characters. So keep an eye out for these characters and depending on your team requirements, farm and max them out asap.

?Evergreen? character links

Most of the character-links are well suited to a character. Example, a character-link with high NAD is well suited for characters who have high base damage like Dangai, BroKen. etc. That being said, there are very few character-links which never go out of meta and is useful when linked to any character. Few good examples of these are Increased Crystal/Jewel Drop % or Stamina Recovery %. Especially during raid farming, STA recovery link does sooo much difference. It?s almost mandatory I would say in PvE.

Coin/crystal/jewel drop effects the drops of the whole team as long as he is either a part of the team or linked to a character in the team. This is the only soul trait that affects the whole team rather than just the base character.

Basically, when you get these character-links don?t use them as fodder but max their links and utilize them.

Create more than one team

Not many players make use of this feature BBS provides us. You can have more than one team(5 to be exact). The main purpose of this is to easily activate/switch between teams. You can use the same character in different teams but keep in mind a linked character cannot be used in another team. For starters, you could have one team for PvE and an another for PvP and so on.

Max out one character at a time

When you have more than 1 character that you want to max out, it?s probably wise to max them one at a time. You need to keep in mind the materials needed for maxing the soul tree demands a lot of grinding and maxing multiple characters at the same time would only slow the process of upgrading your characters and most importantly once you awaken your maxed 5* character to a 6*, the new awakened character starts from level 1 and is waaay weaker than any maxed 5*. Meaning if you awaken multiple characters from your current team, your team would suddenly become useless for a while.

To avoid this, concentrate on maxing one of your character to level 150 or possibly 200 and then use that character as front runner that can solo most material and carry the other two while they gain experience and have coin/crystal links to make sure they are providing for their own advancement.


These are few of the tips that I can think of at the moment, probably have missed few and will surely keep adding more as time goes. Please feel free to comment, like or provide any suggestions. Cheers!


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