Why Does Netflix’s Cannon Busters Have Such a Good Theme Song?

Why Does Netflix’s Cannon Busters Have Such a Good Theme Song?

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When you imagine the opening theme of an anime that center?s itself around an immortal outlaw and clueless robots in a steampunk, western, and mystical world with magic, what do you hear?

I would imagine an upbeat J-Pop song that mixes some folky instruments with normal anime opening tropes. What I wouldn?t imagine is a song that features horns, R&B vocals, a baking chorus, and even a hip-hop opening.

However, that is exactly what you get when you start up Netflix?s original anime Cannon Busters. The song is a surprisingly beautiful song that is a welcomed treat to the beginning of a long-awaited show for many manga and anime fans.

This doesn?t mean that most anime openings are bad. It just means that not many start with an absolute R&B banger.

The next problem is, what is the song? The song is not a pre-released one that was used for the purposed of the opening. There hasn?t even been a release of the full song on any streaming service other than fans pulling the song from the show itself. However, Netflix did tweet on their account @NXOnNetflix the name of the song, it?s writers, and it?s performers.

So, why does this show have such a good opening theme? Well, the talent that went into the song is pretty great. Bradley Denniston has a track record of creating music for major blockbusters. His IMDb bio states:

?Bradley has worked on blockbuster movies, totaling many billions of dollars in box office sales and with Platinum selling artists that include; The Lonely Island, Gotye, Tegan and Sara, and G-Eazy. Bradley worked as the head engineer, composer, and music producer for Mark Mothersbaugh at Mutato Muzika in Los Angeles California for around 5 years before opening his own business, Radium Media in Hollywood, CA.?

Cannon Busters was also produced by LeSean Thomas, the producer of The Boondocks, a show that has had many great songs to come out of is over the years of its run. I would lend Thomas?s involvement in the show swayed the decision of how the opening theme should sound.

Then there are the vocals of Marty Grimes and BJRNCK that are featured on the album. BJRNCK has a beautiful voice and is perfectly complemented by the horns and chorus that backs them. Marty Grimes has a fun laidback voice that matches the attitude of one of the main characters. Altogether, the song is catchy, matches the show, is inspired by popular culture, and makes for a great way to open up the anime. That is why Cannon Busters?s theme song is so good.


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